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Byebye Logitech diNovo, hello Microsoft Arc?

Well, I’ve complained quite a lot about Logitech already, so after my problems with the diNovo edge started, I finally switched to a Microsoft keyboard, at least for the period until the repaired diNovo edge returns. I wanted to switch the brand for quite some time now, but there was simply no alternative if you are used to low profile keys from your notebook or diNovo keyboard. Luckily this finally changed as Microsoft has presented an ultra-flat keyboard called the “Arc Keyboard”, which features quite a nice design while being really small (and 60% cheaper than the diNovo edge). Well, the Arc keyboard looks really great. You can’t complain anything about its looks, but does it work as well as the diNovo edge?
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The Perfect Home Server

Perfect? Is that even possible? I guess not, but my newest server is pretty close in my opinion. The Focus was to get power consumption and price as low as possible while maintaining performance and safety. My current home server is an averages PC with an AMD64 and 2 GB of RAM while having a RAID 5 with 6 hard disk. As you can imagine, my power bill is incredibly high, so I definitely want a more energy efficient solution this time.

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Notebook and other small devices’ power supply efficiency

Green IT is a big topic, that’s why more and more computer power supplies get a 80 PLUS label for showing off their superior efficiency. But if you every decide to run a Intel Atom based PC, use a PicoPSU, just power your notebook or charge your phone, you won’t really find out how efficient the power supply is. I came across this problem while searching for an efficient power supply for my new Atom-based home server. First, I wanted to use an 80 PLUS 350W power supply, but after reading some reviews, I found out that they are totally inefficient (<50%) on low load (<50W), which the targeted power consumption of my new home server is supposed to be. So I googled and found the PicoPSU, advertising >93% efficiency. Wow great, but wait, it needs to be powered by 12V DC. How efficient is the converter from 110/220V AC to 12V DC? No word on the manufacture site. I tried to google for efficient converter, but had no luck, so I gave up… until the case of my new home server arrived, a Gigabyte MIB T5140. Read more »

MultiSim, my first Android Application

I just got my new Android cell phone, the Motorola Milestone/Droid and I have to say Android is great! It’s so much better than Windows Mobile. A lot of the functionality comes from the Android Market. So while I was downloading Apps from it, I couldn’t find any tools for managing my analog dual-sim-adapter, so I decided to write one on my own. The Android SDK seemed to be very well documented, so I thought I give it a try. And guess what, I found the resulting program to be useful enough that I purchased a Market-Account for $25 and published it there. Find out more on the MultiSim section of my website.

Fingerprint Reader and Windows 7

Windows 7 is said to have great biometric support. Well, it does, if the Fingerprint Reader would be working. I own a Medion MD 85264 for years now and it was really problematic to setup, especially in XP and Vista. So I was really astonished when I plugged the Fingerprint scanner and Windows 7 installed the drivers right away. A quick look at the device manager revealed that the device was powered by an Authentec AES2501A. But if you tried to actually use it, Windows 7 complains that there is no management software.
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Back online!

T-Home WTF?!A few weeks ago, my T-Home Entertain VDSL 50 stopped working, for no reason at all. My VDSL modem, the “Speedport 300HS” suddenly couldn’t sync anymore. I thought T-Com is probably doing maintenance, so I waited for a day, but it still wouldn’t sync. So I called the T-Com, asking what the problem would is. They told me everything should be fine, but I can order a technician, who can come to my place to check the line. The only condition is, if my line isn’t broken, I’d have to pay €100 for the technician.
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Games on the cell phone

During my last semester, I participated at a seminar. My topic was “Games on the cell phone”. I’m putting the text I wrote online. It’s in German, but if someone is interested, feel free to have a look.

Spiele auf dem Handy (PDF)

OMG! WTF? Where is my bag?

I never thought that something like this would happen to me, but when I arrived at Beijing International Airport a few days ago to travel to Nanning to visit my relatives, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got out of the car, took both suitcases out of the trunk and start looking for my backpack. OMG, my passport is in my backpack, how am I supposed to fly without identification? I looked at my watch, 12:35, my plane is taking off at 14:00. That’s less than one hour to return home, run up to the 15th floor, get my backpack, run back down and race back to the airport. Did I mention that the traffic in Beijing is incredibly dense?

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Things about Li-Ion batteries

Li-Ion batteries are practically everywhere. They are used for mobile phones, notebooks, even cars. But most people don’t really know about them and give out wrong hints on how to use and charge them. So here are two important facts about Li-Ion batteries you should know:
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Lunch at the TU-Berlin

Being a student at the TU-Berlin is quite nice. Our campus is right in the city, so it’s quite easy to go shopping right after your classes. We have a canteen called “Mensa” for the students too, serving really cheap food. You usually pay around € 1.90 for some meat, plus € 0.30 for some potatoes or rice and another € 0.30 for a little salad. € 2.50 for a meal, sounds good right? Unluckily, there is a catch. The food tastes incredibly bad. Most students know that, but the alternative is the workers canteen, which offers quite nice food, but for € 4.00 a meal. So what about students like me who don’t have the money to eat the expensive food every day but don’t want to puke after each € 2.50 meal from the Mensa?

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