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scoop movie

Tonight my girlfriend and me went to the Cinestar movie theater at Berlin Potsdamer Platz. We decided to give “Sneak Preview” a try. At “Sneak Preview”, you buy movie tickets for a movie that is coming into theaters soon, so you can see it before everyone else does. But there is a deal, you don’t know which movie it is going to be. So you basically spend money for something you don’t know. Maybe the movie is good, maybe not.

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Lord of War

Lord of WarLord of War is a movie from 2005. In the preview, the movie looked like a lot of action and fun, which seemed to be my favourite kind of movies, the action comedies. But after watching it, it revealed itself as a pretty criticizing movie about war in the world and where they get their weapons from to fight each other.On many documentaries, you can see that guns like the famous AK-47 are very cheap in the 3rd world countries. On one I saw, the people were happy to trade their AK-47 in for a simple radio. The offer was made by some kind of world peace organisation. Anyway, when people would hand in their weapons happily for a radio, there is something definitely going wrong. At that time, I didn’t think about it any further. Now after watching “Lord of War”, it came back up to my mind.

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