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Subwoofer for my car

Good sound systems have a subwoofer, that’s why I needed one for my little car. Because my car’s trunk is extremely small, I needed a special subwoofer case to fit it in without robbing space or removing the spare wheel. So I constructed one myself. Read more for some more pictures.

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Brando Support

Scratches are the one thing you definitely don’t want to have when you get a new PDA. A screen protector is a must have. There a 2 kinds of screen protectors in general. One kind are the cheap ones, €1 for 10 protectors. The other kind, the kind that actually protect your screen, costs €10 for 1.

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Google Treasure Hunt 2008 Question 2 Solution

Question 2 of the Google Treasure Hunt is out and is fairly easy compared to the last question. They request you to sum up numbers of a specific line in files where the path or file name contain a specific pattern and have a specific file ending. I quickly wrote an PHP script to do the job.

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Happy Holidays!

Sending Ecards was pretty boring until I found JibJab. JibJab allows you to create little animations with your and your friends heads in it. It’s really fun, see for yourself:

Music over Bluetooth

image If there is something I don’t like about wireless technology, it’s Bluetooth. It never worked the way I wanted. Some say it’s a matter of the stack (Bluetooth software) and some say you need to buy the best dongles. I used BlueSoleil, then Widcomm and now Toshiba, started off with Bluetooth 1.2 with a cheap € 2 dongle from eBay, then the Logitech diNovo Bluetooth 2.0 EDR dongle from my € 200 keyboard/mice set and now the internal Bluetooth 2.0 EDR chip from Toshiba in my Portege R400. Did it work well with any of these combinations? Not really…
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Artido coupon from McDonalds

Every year, we have a raffle in Germany from McDonalds called Monopoly. You can win several things there, but most coupons are pretty useless, just like the one from Artido. The coupon lets you buy something and get € 20 off the price, but everything there costs at least € 33.90. Wait, execpt for the photo-hankerchief (€ 19.95), which is sold out… At least it says that on the website. But is it really? Well, having the link for ordering the photo-handkerchief and the useless Artido coupon, I simply ordered one. They guarantee to deliver before christmas if ordered before 13. December. So can they if I order this “sold out” article?
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my first car

When you live in Berlin, a car isn’t really nessecary. You can get anywhere with public transportation. But in the winter or at night, a car is much more comfortable. That’s why my girlfriend and me bought a car together.


After testing a few cars, we decided to get a Volkswagen Lupo. It’s a pretty small car which can hold up to 4 people without getting too uncomfortable. Insurrance and tax are both cheap, so is the gas usage. I need around 7l / 100km in the winter for driving in the city, which is 1l more than in the summer. On the high way, usage goes down 1l. We got it for € 2300 a month ago, that’s why I haven’t been posting here. Having a car is really nice, except when you need to look for parking spaces…

Beautiful music – Katie Melua

Katie MeluaEvery time I entered the subway a few months ago, I saw a poster of Katie Melua. Who is she? What is she performing? I don’t know, never heard of her before and honestly, I don’t have much interest in finding out either. It stayed this way until a few days ago, I heard a song from Katie and I had to stop all my doings to listen to that song. It’s called “Dirty Dice” and it has something special to it. Maybe it’s Katie’s wonderful voice, or maybe my brain connects the melody to something special, but a song has never fascinated me that much. I usually listen to Hip Hop, so this is definitely something else for me. So if you are reading this and have some free time, listen to one of her songs from her current album: Pictures (scroll down on the Amazon page to listen to a sample).

Clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Spinning LadyIf you see her spinning around clockwise, you’re a (more) creative person. Everyone else seeing her spinning counter-clockwise is more logic oriented. When I first looked at the picture, she was turning counter-clockwise and after a few seconds, she turned around and spinned clockwise. But after focusing on her shadow, she started spinning counter-clockwise again. Freaky… Is the image manipulated?

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O2 Service or “things O2 only does to keep a customer”

I used to have the “Genion S Online” plan from O2 Germany, which costs € 10 / month. For € 5 more each month, I had a “Wap & Email Flatrate”, which allowed me to surf and email on my mobile device. With 100 free SMS each month, I was even satisfied with € 0.19 I have to pay for each minute on my phone. My contract started December 2003 for 24 month and has been extended once (which is done automatically). But lately the prices have been dropping like crazy. For around € 4 each month, calling could be as cheap as € 0.05 a minute!

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