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OMG! WTF? Where is my bag?

I never thought that something like this would happen to me, but when I arrived at Beijing International Airport a few days ago to travel to Nanning to visit my relatives, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got out of the car, took both suitcases out of the trunk and start looking for my backpack. OMG, my passport is in my backpack, how am I supposed to fly without identification? I looked at my watch, 12:35, my plane is taking off at 14:00. That’s less than one hour to return home, run up to the 15th floor, get my backpack, run back down and race back to the airport. Did I mention that the traffic in Beijing is incredibly dense?

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The McGurk Effect

I’ve learned about an interessting illusion called McGurk effect. It shows how your brain is not only using your ears to hear things, but also your eyes. Sounds crazy, but it’s really like this. A specific example of the McGurk effect is hearing “da da da” with eyes opened and watching the video, but hearing “ba ba ba” once you close your eyes.

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Happy Holidays!

Sending Ecards was pretty boring until I found JibJab. JibJab allows you to create little animations with your and your friends heads in it. It’s really fun, see for yourself:

Artido coupon from McDonalds

Every year, we have a raffle in Germany from McDonalds called Monopoly. You can win several things there, but most coupons are pretty useless, just like the one from Artido. The coupon lets you buy something and get € 20 off the price, but everything there costs at least € 33.90. Wait, execpt for the photo-hankerchief (€ 19.95), which is sold out… At least it says that on the website. But is it really? Well, having the link for ordering the photo-handkerchief and the useless Artido coupon, I simply ordered one. They guarantee to deliver before christmas if ordered before 13. December. So can they if I order this “sold out” article?
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blessing in disguise

Yesterday, Liu Chengyang (we call him Liu) and his girlfriend Pan Junli (called “Trampeltier”), Qian Le (someone else with similiar name like me), my girlfriend and me wanted to go to Snow Funpark, an indoor skiing hall in north Germany. Because they have been overbooked the last two days, they recommended that we should arrive before 9 am, so we could still get tickets. Anyway, to get there on time, we had to get up early and meet 6:30 am. 2 minutes before 6:30, Liu called me and told me he had an accident. Quite shocked I asked him what happend and he told me that he broke one of the wheels of his car by driving into the curb. But luckily we were able to get the wheel changed at A.T.U. and we could continue our journey 2 hours later. The trip was around 130 miles, so we had a brake at “Walsdorf Ost”. After we all went to the bathroom and sat back in the car, it wouldn’t start, so we called the “ADAC” (a car club in Germany) to ask for help. And in less than 5 minutes, a ADAC car came by and found out that the battery just died. Luckily, the ADAC guy had a reserve with him and installed it for us. 30 minutes later, we were ready to go again. Qian Le already thought it could be some hint for us not to go skiing, but we still continued the travel. Around 11:30 am, we finally arrived in Wittenburg, where the indoor skiing hall was. It is supposed to be the biggest in europe. With over 1000 feet in length, 30° declination and 260 feet width, the hall even had a half pipe. But because the hall just opened at December 8th, the half pipe wasn’t ready yet. the entry was € 15 that day for 5 hours, day tickets weren’t available because they were overbooked. Because of that, we were able to get tickets for 1:00 pm. It was finally time for the fun to begin! The piste was quite long for an indoor hall, but the snow was too thin. The top part of the slope was completely ice, so everyone was sliding and falling there. They tried to fix it, but failed miserably. But for € 15, it is a really good value.

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christmas is coming

It’s december again and Christmas is coming. Well, I should be very festive and motivated in the university. But first, I need to be awake. Like every day morning, I get woken up way too early and it is not very astonishing that I am very tired after I got to the university. How to help myself out in this problematic situation? How to survive another day of endless lecuring? How to become motivated? How to become festive for Christmas? Is there even a solution for this?

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college life starts again

After a long long break, university started again this week. And just as usual, the problems began.

So Sunday evening, when every lazy student like me realizes, that he has to get up early the next day to go to the university, he goes to set his alarm clock. But what time am I supposed to set it to? So here was my first problem: I didn’t have a time table because I was too lazy making one before. Well, I went back into my working room, started Firefox and opened TU-Berlin’s Homepage. One click on “VV” (university calendar) and I should be able to quickly plan my new term. Well, at least I thought so. My next problem just started. It seemed that TU-Berlin had so many more lazy students like me that the “VV” server had crashed by a deady DoS-attack (Denial-of-Service Attack) from thousands of evil little student computers owned by those lazy people just like me. So no way to look up courses now, or is there? Well, I called Jonas and asked him to send me a list of courses he has finished already so I could catch up. So now we used Google and tried to find our courses. And again the problems started. The results were mainly from 1994-1998, where the first websites started for those courses. But nonetheless, we found our courses after hours of searching. Here are some courses I’m taking this semster: Automatic image analysis, Analoge and digital electronics, embedded realtime systems and computer graphics.


I finally found some time and got this project working again. If you are being uncreative lately, you should go and play a little. It will definitely help you. Give it a try!


spam and scams

Everyday I receive a lot of spam mails. Some of them are simple advertisements, some of them are viruses and some of them are scam mails. I think you know what I am talking about. Some princess, business man or ex-president from Nigeria is willing to give you easy money. Those scams have a name, they are called 419 scams.

Well, there are a lot of people who were betrayed by them. Maybe they are too good-hearted or simply too greedy. But many of the betrayed definitely lost a lot of money and are having really hard life returning borrowed money or loans. Spam mails are really annoying, especially when they are trying to rip you off. But now I found a quite interesting site. It’s called 419eater. They reply to those spam mails and make those scammers do funny things. It is really quite fun to read the email conversation between those who are thinking they are scamming someone and those who pretend to believe the scam. In one of the mails they even got money from the scammer by scamming them. It’s quite funny. Have a look!