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Jailbreaking, Rooting, tweaking your HP TouchPad

The first thing I would do with a new iOS or Android device would be jailbreaking or rooting it, so how do I do it on my new HP TouchPad? After some searching, I found out that all you need is to switch to developer mode and that it is already built in. How great is that? Read more »

MultiSim, my first Android Application

I just got my new Android cell phone, the Motorola Milestone/Droid and I have to say Android is great! It’s so much better than Windows Mobile. A lot of the functionality comes from the Android Market. So while I was downloading Apps from it, I couldn’t find any tools for managing my analog dual-sim-adapter, so I decided to write one on my own. The Android SDK seemed to be very well documented, so I thought I give it a try. And guess what, I found the resulting program to be useful enough that I purchased a Market-Account for $25 and published it there. Find out more on the MultiSim section of my website.

Preventing multiple instances of Flash Movies

Currently, Flash does not natively support prevention of multiple instances, so a workaround is needed. Why would anyone want to prevent multiple instances anyway? Well, I use Flash as a Chat client, so allowing a user to run multiple instances would mean that they could join the chat multiple times, which is not really a wanted feature. So how do I prevent users from joining the chat multiple times?
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Windows 7 Beta Activation Key

Windows 7 Activation KeyIt is now possible to get the keys for Windows 7 Beta Activation Key under this URL: (German 32Bit Link)

You will need to have kept the technet registration process window open from yesterday to get the key.

Maybe it’ll work if you are signed on Technet too.

UPDATE: Downloads are now possible too.

Google Treasure Hunt 2008 Question 2 Solution

Question 2 of the Google Treasure Hunt is out and is fairly easy compared to the last question. They request you to sum up numbers of a specific line in files where the path or file name contain a specific pattern and have a specific file ending. I quickly wrote an PHP script to do the job.

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My files are safe?

Anti-Virus is good business. There are so many companies fighting to get their anti-virus software on your computer, you might even think that they release viruses just to improve their revenue. But when you search around the web, you can actually find free anti-virus software. AntiVir Personal by Avira is one of the best examples. Its bigger brother was tested by c’t, which actually gave it a pretty good grade and ranked it before other better known software like Kaspersky or Norton. So why pay money if you get something better for free? Read more »

Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery is the default program for viewing images on Vista. It’s pretty simple and works great. But it only works from the Windows Explorer. What if you want to use it with other Tools like WinSCP to preview images from different, maybe linux servers? I started looking for an Executable file to open the previewer, but the only one I could find is the Photo Gallery itself, which doesn’t open the selected image but the hole gallery. So how do I open the previewing version of the Photo Gallery?

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PuTTY and WinSCP

PuTTY is great, but it’s even better with WinSCP. You can let WinSCP manage all sessions, press Ctrl+P and PuTTY will pop up, with your session password saved and passed to it. But there are some configuration issues coming from this kind of setup.

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XPS and Firefox

XPS is Microsoft’s version of Adobe’s PDF. Its major advantage is that it is preinstalled on Vista and XP SP3. You can easy print everything as an XPS for later viewing. But Firefox users might encounter a weird bug when they try to open a XPS file. When a XPS is opened, Firefox starts and asks if you want to download or open this file. If you click download, you can save it somewhere and if you click open, Firefox opens a new tab and starts asking the same question again. Why is Firefox the default viewer for XPS if can’t open them?

The reason is simple: Microsoft Internet Explorer is the built-in XPS viewer, but Firefox takes all Internet Explorer file assosiations when installed as the default browser. So all you need to do for viewing a XPS file is to right click on it, select “Open with…” and choose Internet Explorer. You can make it the default application for XPS files too, then you don’t need to worry again when you open a XPS the next time.

Useful Taskbar Grouping

I always say that you can easy distinguish a computer amateur from an expert by looking at his taskbar. If it has only one row, he’s an amateur. An expert knows the advantage of multi tasking and needs a lot of space in the task bar to navigate through the programs.
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