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about me

My name is Qian Qin. Qian is my first name and is pronounced somewhat like “tien”. It’s kind of hard to for those of you who don’t know Chinese.

Anyway, I was born on May, 21st 1984 in Nanning, Guangxi (China) around 10pm. I stayed there until November 1989, where my family moved to Berlin, Germany, where I still live. So I’m something like a half German, half Chinese person.

In 2000, I spent one year in USA as an exchange student, improving my English in Centerville, Utah (USA). As a Junior student at Viewmont High School, I passed the AP (Advanced Placement) Calculus BC, AP Physic C and AP Chemistry tests. During my stay I visited many interesting places like the Yellowstone National Park or Disney World Resort Florida. After my USA trip, I continued studying in Berlin, Germany and finished High school with “Abitur” (High school diploma) in 2003.

In summer 2006, I went to the “Shanghai Jiao Tong University” in China as an exchange student for one semester.

I’m finished my studies on “Technische Informatik” (computer engineering) with the diploma thesis “Dynamic Ambient Lighting for Mobile Devices” at the “Technische Universit├Ąt” 2012 in Berlin and doing a part-time job as a microchip programmer and webdeveloper at “EMO Systems GmbH” while developing my own projects qTranslate and animechat.de.