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Kisai optical illusion wrist watch hands-on

I haven’t worn a watch for years now, relying on my cell phone to catch a glimpse of the current time. But when Tokyoflash released their Kisai Optical Illusion watch, I had to buy it. I already loved the concept and now, I am the proud owner of the watch. The nice guys from Tokyoflash even offered me a discount since they’ve  been using my qTranslate plugin on their site. Unfortunately, I ordered before the discount code could reach me.

As you can see, I ordered the silver+natural lcd model because it looked the best in my opinion. So I was really excited when the small Fedex package arrived just 3 days after my order. When I took the watch out of the package, I noticed quite a lot of dirt inside the scratch-resistant protection from the manufacturing process. But the dirt all stuck to the foil when pulled off and no scratches were on the watch, so I guess that’s not a reason to complain.

After unpacking the package and adjusting the wrist band length, I began to set the time. There, I encountered a little problem I didn’t expect this watch to have. It doesn’t support 24 hour display format of the time. Here in Germany, it is very common to say 15 o’clock for 3pm. But oh well, I can live with this minor handicap. The watch itself looks very nice on the arm. From the pictures of the Tokyoflash site, I’d expected the watch to be too thick, but on the arm, it look just fine. It feels a little heavy, but that’s probably because I haven’t worn a watch for so long.

You can clearly see the complex LCD with all the elements, which makes reading the watch much harder than the images from the concept. I suppose I need much more practice to get used to the segments. It is easier than those sample images from the Tokyoflash website though. So except for the little segments, the four touchscreen areas also distract a little from reading the time. The touchscreen is not that sensitive if you’re used to touchscreen phones. You will need to hold you finger for a second to make sure that the watch will react to it. On the other hand, it is probably good that it won’t interact to fast screen wiping gestures.

The last feature to test is the EL back light, which works just as intended. All in all, the watch is really nice. Even with the downsides, it is definitely worth the money. The uniqueness and no physical buttons at all are just great!

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