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Samsung Galaxy S Wireless Inductive Charging Mod

Well, after my Motorola Milestone 2 was sent in for repairs for 3 times in a row now and I decided to not use any Motorola devices anymore, so when Mediamarkt offered the Samsung Galaxy S Plus for €269, it was an instant buy. I mean, how can Motorola send me a defective unit back from repair not only once, but twice? I haven’t received it back yet from their third try, but oh well, let’s hope somebody on eBay will be happy with it. Okay, no more Motorola, all Samsung now, the Galaxy S Plus works way better anyway. In fact, everything is perfect, except for one little thing. The USB connector of the Galaxy S Plus is on the top. How do you dock a phone in portrait mode with the USB connector on top? eBay suggested a rather ugly method with plugging a cable on top. So I remembered the Palm’s inductive charging feature and wanted it on my new phone. But all guides on the internet are either ugly or voided the warranty, but I wanted the best of both worlds, so my mod has to be invisible on first view and don’t void the warranty of my all new phone. (As the Galaxy S is build identically as the Galaxy S Plus, this mod should work flawlessly with the Galaxy S, too.)

So how did I do it? Well, the basics are the same, take a Palm Pre back cover (€10) + Touchstone dock (€20) and tear off the inductive circuit from the Pre back cover and insert it into the cover from the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. The tricky stuff is modifying to the micro USB plug. To be exact, to cut it really short so it doesn’t stand out. This requires some skill and a lot of patience. As the plug is really small, you definitely don’t want two wires coming from it. Two wires would require really small solder points which offer no stability at all and will just break after some days of use. So what you will have to do is to only wire the +5V only. Luckily, you can get 0V from everywhere inside, I used the micro SD card slot for it. The rest is pretty straight forward. Take a look at the video to see the finished mod:

If you like to rebuild the mod, here are some more hints for you:

  • Remove all pins from plug by pulling them out forcefully before sawing.
  • Buy more micro USB plugs to play with, as you will certainly break some before you finish one. I suggest using the inner (black) part of one plug combined with the metal casing of a different plug.
  • Bent one pin as shown on the picture so it can fit into 2 pin slots, then cut it to a length that it won’t shorten any pin.
  • Make the solder point as long as possible, this will add more stability.
  • If you happen to have black hot-glue, use it as a finish to cover up the complete slot.


After I have shown this mod to my girlfriend, she wants it too on her Galaxy S. But she wants to keep her micro USB port free for cable connections for USB charging. Warranty is not much a problem for her, so she just wants a really pretty looking and invisible mod. If you like see a guide for that, drop me a comment here and I will document the process for you guys.


So as so many of you seem to want it, I’ll be filming the whole process of creating the high WAF mod. For this, I will try to do this mod with no visible wires (why do girls hate them?), everything else as invisible as possible, backcover easily removable just as without the mod. I already ordered the parts and I am waiting for them to arrive. The camera is ready to roll.


Still waiting for parts to finish the high WAF mod, half of the mod is already completed and documented. I ordered them on Monday and they still haven’t arrived. Until then you can take a look at a step to step guide for this version of the mod done by Yujie.


Done! View the results here.

48 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S Wireless Inductive Charging Mod”

  1. c0stunga:

    Kein Gästebuch oder war ich nur zu blind es zu finden?^^ Egal, hast hier eine sehr interessante Webseite, hab sie direkt mal unter meinen Lesezeichen gespeichert.
    Hier ist ein Artikel spannender als der andere. Weiter so!


    Very interesting website. Had to bookmark it. Keep gooing with your nice work!

  2. Deckard:

    Nice to meed you Qian Qin! This is very impressive to see someone make this real! I own a Sensation (used palm pre before)! I really hope to make this for my Sensation, I believe I should read you guide first as reference! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Yulian Kuncheff:

    I would love to see the Warranty breaking invisible mod that allows for USB connection.

    I have a Samsung Focus (its a Galaxy S variant, almost identical to other galaxy S phones) and I plan to do a modified version for this on it. Maybe once the Samsung Focus S comes out (Galaxy S2 variant) I might do it for that too.

    Would love to see a detailed step by step.

  4. luki79:

    Hi dieser mod gefällt mir sehr !!!!
    wäre für eine Anleitung echt dankbar…..

  5. Awesomeness:

    Very kyool! Looking forward to waiting “How to mod Galaxy S” guide for newbie (like me)… Thanks!!!

  6. Naeem:

    very very nice i wanna try it

  7. Cw:

    That is awesome. Finally a REAL inductive charging.

    Do you have more detailed step by step guide to making this? How about that patch that you stuck to the rear case of the phone? Where can I get the charger station or DIY?

    Thanks for the nice demo.

  8. Kyle:

    I would love to see the usb port guide. Warranty isn’t an issue for me either. Look forward to seeing this! Awsome work!

  9. Geoff:

    Wow. Engadget has handed you a serious life changing gift. You could make a business of this if you wanted. Sadly the trick would be to get touchstones (I have 2) and touchstone backs (also 2). I have an SGS2 here in Taiwan and would LOVE to have touchstone capabilities with it. Did your mod still allow the Micro-USB to function? The blue wire seems to allow insertion of a plug. Get back to me if you want to do this mod for all phone types please.

  10. Sancho:

    I would like to see a guide for that! :-) What is the maximum mA of charging?

  11. FY:

    Great mod. Would love to see the detail steps of the mod that still allows USB connection !! Please share. Tq tq

  12. Lance branchman:

    I have a galaxy s how can I get this done on my phone ………

  13. Miguel:

    Hey Qian,

    Definitely do the guide. Top marks for your mod =)
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and would like to try it for sure.
    If you could note down the a thickness of the inductive cover would be great ( just to make sure it will fit on my phone).


  14. ich:

    Verstehe ich das richtig, dass bei der genannten Modifikation die Micro-USB-Buchse ausschließlich für das Laden verwendet wird, sodass eine Verbindung z.B. zum PC nicht mehr möglich ist?

  15. Peter:

    Hi, this is brilliant.
    I’m also interested in Warranty breaking invisible mod that allows for USB connection for my galaxy S.

    please send me guide


  16. mjkute:

    the same to Yulian Kuncheff
    I hope you show picture or video step by step
    or send email to me
    thanks so much

  17. Xellpher:

    Du solltest definitiv den Mod am Hany deiner Freundin dokumentieren, da es siche r ein paar leute Gibt, die sich fragen, wie man sowas macht :)

  18. profesdts:

    wow gefällt mir sehr gut! die materialien kann man bei conrad kaufen oder? (bis auf das Palm Pre back cover und die touchstone dock)
    mir ist die garantie auch relativ wurst könntest du den 2. weg posten? würde ab und an gern mit dem stecker laden können :)

  19. Qian Qin:

    @Cw I used the Touchstone dock and a Palm Pre back, you can get them on eBay

    @Sancho I will try to measure it when I get home.

    @ich Korrekt, aber man kann jederzeit den Micro-USB-Stecker entfernen, wenn man wirklich noch den USB Slot braucht.

    @profesdts Micro-USB-Stecker gibt es bei Conrad für 1,3€/Stück

  20. floppy:

    hey das ist ja mal richtig cool geworden!
    eine richtige anleitung mit bildern wäre nicht schlecht.
    die variante mit freiem usb würde mich auch interessiern.

  21. Daniel:

    Hi und Glückwunsch. Hammer Mod!!!!
    Ist auch problemlos auf andere Smartphones mit micro usb übertragbar??Verzeihe meinen technischen Verstand! :-D

  22. Trevor Bradfield:

    Absolutely perfect solution!

    I would really appreciate if you had a description on how to do this on the Galaxy S I would put it to use!

    What about the HTC Desire – have you had any enquiries on how to do for this as well?

    Much appreciated for your response.

  23. Trevor Bradfield:

    any joy with Nexus s???

  24. Leon:

    Ich hätte interesse am einer anleitung wo der usb port benutzbar bleibt. ach und geht das auch mit dem s2?

  25. Victor:

    Hi Qian Qin,

    Wow this is pretty impresive, i would like see how can be done with having the usb data enabled, this would be the very best mod to the Galaxy.

    Thanks for this !!!

  26. Jacob:

    I’d love to see the process that keeps the microUSB free, I’m not too concerned about my warranty.

  27. Hakan:

    Hallo, theoretisch funktioniert das natürlich auch mit dem Samsung Galaxy S2. Wir versuchen mal einige davon nachzubauen.
    Tolle Seite weiter so.

  28. Stephen:

    Hi, I’d love to see the one that keeps the microUSB free, I want to look at installing it on an HTC My Touch 4g.


  29. Steve:

    I am interested in option where you can freely use the Micro-USB port and have inductive charging (same as your girlfriend).

    Since the original Galaxy S is now well over 1 year old, the majority of Galaxy S 1 owners are OUT of warranty and hence the second option is the best. Can you write such a guide in detail? Thank you!

  30. whiteoryx:

    Hi, I’ll love to see the mod for the Galaxy S please. My USB port has been giving me issues while charging and this sounds like a good alternative. :)

  31. Fienan:

    Yes, please post the one with free microUSB. I think its more interesting :D

  32. Ketones:

    Do you mind dropping me an email with the documentations of process so I can impress my girlfriend too? Haha.

  33. ansje:

    I would love to see that if possible

  34. Michele:

    Somebody in the cellphone area should hire you!!!
    Respect for the awesome qtranslate plugin!!

  35. Patrick:

    Hey Qian,

    knowing you for some time, I know how quickly you get dissapointed by bad service. Just remember google just bought motorola, afaik.
    So maybe it might be an option in the future ;-)
    Concerning the the inductive charging, I would like to see that in the near future demonstrated in rel life, live ;-)

    see you soon and take care


  36. Arne:


    kannst du mal nachmessen, wie der Durchmesser der Induktionsspule ist?
    Ich denke schon länger darüber nach, das intern für mein defy zu machen.

    Vielen Dank!

  37. basti:

    Geniale idee muss ich echt sagen find ich super ;)
    Eine frage hätte ich … kann man den schieber vom usb-port noch schliesen wenn der umgebaute stecker steckt oder ist das nicht möglich?

  38. Matt Jacobson:

    Love the mod. I’ve been tempted by this for the longest time, and you’ve finally encouraged me to give it a shot. I really like the idea of the minimal micro-usb plug (I want to also keep my warranty). Could you provide a little bit more information about how you cut the usb connector, and the parts you used?

    Much appreciated!

  39. NatB:

    die idee ist einfach nur super, genau so was brauch ich. Könntest du mir die 2. Anleitung zusenden?? Vielen Dank… :)

  40. VBai:

    ich will das haben :P richtig coole idee, auf so was muss man erstmal kommen. respekt!
    hast du anleitungen für den bau schon erstellt? kannst du mir die vielleich auch zu senden?
    vielen dank


  41. Philipp Eisen:

    Hey, I really like your work, could you please send the insturction to me, too.

  42. benbois:

    Hi, very good job! I’m also interested by the “inside/invisible” mod.

  43. Arne:

    Die “zweite Anleitung” beschreibt genau das selbe, wie die erste. Nur ohen USB Stecker.
    Ohne Handy zerlegen und löten (sehr, sehr kleine Lötstellen) gehts nicht.

    Ich bezweifle, dass das jemand hinbekommt, der nach ner “Anleitung” fragt.

    Das ganze funktioniert im Prinzip mit jedem Gerät, welches über USB lädt.
    Eine Idee wie sowas bei eurem Gerät aussehen könnte gibts hier:


  44. luki79:

    Man muss das handy garnicht zerlegen und meins läd nun nach dieser
    methode. funktioniert auch so wie es soll… einziger nachteil ist das der usb port
    nicht mehr nutzbar ist. aber es gibt ja myphoneexplorer da kann mann alles über wifi
    kopieren usw….

    danke für die anleitung

    gruss thorsten

  45. dercastor:

    Also mich wúrde auch die metode interessieren wobei ich den usb stecker noch nutzen kann

  46. Caner:

    Hei, ich wollte eigentlich nur fragen ob das Induktive Laden des Handys ( da es über eine Magnetfeld geht) dem Handy nicht schadet. So weit ich weis könnte ein Magnetfeld die speicherkarte beeinträchtigen

    Mfg Caner

  47. luki79:

    nein da passiert nix mit der speicherkarte ,,,,
    bei meiner arbeit herscht ein deutschlich stärkeres magnetfeld wie bei der kleinen spule ,,,, so stark das sogar nägel senkrecht auf der hand stehen bleiben ….

    also keine angst :-)

  48. Caner:

    Hallo und danke für die Antwort,
    trotzdem hab ich nochmal eine kleine Frage!!! Ich würde gerne wissen wie das innenleben des Touchstone aussieht???? Kann mir das einer kurz und knapp erklären ???