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Archive for September, 2011

High WAF Inductive Charging Mod for Samsung Galaxy S

You guys wanted to see it, here it is. The complete progress of making an inductive charging mod with no visible wires, no visible soldering points, free usb port and easily removable back cover (or simply high WAF) squeezed into one Youtube video. I only had one try and couldn’t plan much ahead, but as you will see on the video, the whole process is fairly simple and straightforward. This mod will void your warranty, though I don’t think a Samsung repair man will be able to find traces of this mod on first sight if removed cleanly.
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Samsung Galaxy S Wireless Inductive Charging Mod

Well, after my Motorola Milestone 2 was sent in for repairs for 3 times in a row now and I decided to not use any Motorola devices anymore, so when Mediamarkt offered the Samsung Galaxy S Plus for €269, it was an instant buy. I mean, how can Motorola send me a defective unit back from repair not only once, but twice? I haven’t received it back yet from their third try, but oh well, let’s hope somebody on eBay will be happy with it. Okay, no more Motorola, all Samsung now, the Galaxy S Plus works way better anyway. In fact, everything is perfect, except for one little thing. The USB connector of the Galaxy S Plus is on the top. How do you dock a phone in portrait mode with the USB connector on top? eBay suggested a rather ugly method with plugging a cable on top. So I remembered the Palm’s inductive charging feature and wanted it on my new phone. But all guides on the internet are either ugly or voided the warranty, but I wanted the best of both worlds, so my mod has to be invisible on first view and don’t void the warranty of my all new phone. (As the Galaxy S is build identically as the Galaxy S Plus, this mod should work flawlessly with the Galaxy S, too.)

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