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Goodbye and hello WebOS!

The fire sale of the discontinued HP TouchPad has reached Germany. For € 99, a TouchPad could be yours, if you could manage to reach the online shop of HP. It was obviously down, as everyone wanted to get hold of this bargain. So I walked right into the next Mediamarkt and tried talking the salesman into selling me one for the discounted price. Of course he hasn’t heard anything about the sale, and I was unable to show him the new price because the HP online shop was down. So I had to make him let me talk to his superior and he then agreed to let me reserve one until they get the new price. So when I was walking out of the shop to get some food, I suddenly got a call, well, guess who called, the salesman who didn’t want me to sell the TouchPad. The price drop is here, time for me to pick my first and probably last WebOS device.

So right now, I am writing from my new tablet. And I have to say, I am very surprised by WebOS. It feels like the first tablet that can actually multitask the way I want, or more the way I was used to in Windows. It is so easy to switch between apps. Not only that, the native Skype support blew me away. It was something that was missing on the iPad for years, but WebOS already comes with it and works so flawlessly.

My plan was to buy the TouchPad and put Android on it, but now, after trying WebOS, I want to keep it, as it really seems to be a nice OS for tablets. I have tried the iPad for quite a while but I could never find iOS very useful. It takes forever to switch between email, instant messaging and the browser. Android at least let me see all incoming events, but with webOS, the true multitasking fun is back. It’s actually fun to switch between the apps.

Maybe it was HP’s goal to let people try WebOS this way. I would have never bought a WebOS device if the price wouldn’t be this low. Now they should have quite some market share. People who bought the device will start making apps for it. This might be just the kick WebOS needed to start off. I wouldn’t pay more money for it, as tablets are pure couch browsers to me, but for this purpose, I find WebOS actually being the best choice for a tablet OS. I wonder if I will see any new WebOS devices around in the future.

3 Responses to “Goodbye and hello WebOS!”

  1. Stefan:

    Which Media Markt did you buy it at? I am in Berlin and wondering if I still have a chance to get one at this price.

  2. Qian Qin:

    I went to the Media Market at Alexanderplatz. But I went there with some buddies and bought off their complete stock, so you won’t be finding any there anymore.

  3. Stefan:

    Damn. I will have try somewhere else then… In the end were the advertising the deal, or did you need to talk to the manager again to get it?