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Archive for August, 2011

Jailbreaking, Rooting, tweaking your HP TouchPad

The first thing I would do with a new iOS or Android device would be jailbreaking or rooting it, so how do I do it on my new HP TouchPad? After some searching, I found out that all you need is to switch to developer mode and that it is already built in. How great is that? Read more »

Goodbye and hello WebOS!

The fire sale of the discontinued HP TouchPad has reached Germany. For € 99, a TouchPad could be yours, if you could manage to reach the online shop of HP. It was obviously down, as everyone wanted to get hold of this bargain. So I walked right into the next Mediamarkt and tried talking the salesman into selling me one for the discounted price. Of course he hasn’t heard anything about the sale, and I was unable to show him the new price because the HP online shop was down. So I had to make him let me talk to his superior and he then agreed to let me reserve one until they get the new price. So when I was walking out of the shop to get some food, I suddenly got a call, well, guess who called, the salesman who didn’t want me to sell the TouchPad. The price drop is here, time for me to pick my first and probably last WebOS device.
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