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I bought an Apple product!

My friends know that I like to make fun of Apple fanboys, but now I’ve bought a Apple product myself. I was struggling really hard at “Media Markt”, oscillating between the cash desk and the shelves, but I did it! I bought an iPad from Apple. The iPad has everything, big screen, long battery life, (too) easy to use interface, chinese hand-writing input, WiFi and simple games unlimited… It has everything my Mom needs! That and the unbeatable price of € 499 for an actually solid looking tablet, I have to admit there is no better and cheaper solution for my Mom to surf the internet and playing easy games without having to worry about viruses or where the next power outlet is.

So if I’m already giving my Mom an iPad as a present, I wanted it to look even greater, so I decided to individualize it with an engraving. Apple doesn’t offer engraving for iPads yet, so I looked for companies who would offer such services and found a company doing laser engraving called printjob24, only 5 minutes away from Gravis at “Ernst-Reuter-Platz”. I called them, made sure they could engrave pictures and not only names and went there with the iPad. I choose a really old photo of my parents and me, converted it to a black and white picture and filmed the whole procedure. The result looks really great:

The people at printjob24 are really nice, so I can really recommend them if anyone else needs an engraving. Here is the video:

5 Responses to “I bought an Apple product!”

  1. Tim:

    Na dann viel Spaß damit :)
    Bin Mitte August in Berlin, wenn Du Lust auf ein Bier hast?

  2. Qian Qin:

    Da bin ich leider in China :/

  3. johnny:

    very very nice idea to engrave the foto.. I will do to in future.. mind to tell how much it costs in germany to do this? Also thnx for the qtranslate,seems good and will test on my mom’s B&B site in the next days.. will have to work on it I think because till now I just did a very improvised way of making the site bilingual… very nice engraving!!!!

  4. Sent:

    Nice artwork! Great gift for your mom. I’ve recently got an ipad too and notice they have to upgrade the wordpress-app to support your brilliant qTranslate. Keep up the good work and enjoy ‘stealing’ your mothers ipad to play with yourselves.

  5. rangitoto:

    Da brauchst du dich nicht zu schämen! Wenn man weiss wofür man es einsetzen will, spricht meiner Ansicht nach nichts dagegen.

    Man muss ja nicht immer auf die Anderen hören – selbst ist der Mensch! :-)

    In diesem Sinne: viel Spass damit!