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Office 2010 for €52? Just another spam mail, wait, it’s from Microsoft?

If someone would offer you Office Ultimate 2010 for only €52, there is only one explanation for the price: bootleg! No need for discussion, unless… it’s Microsoft’s own offer for you! You heard it right, Office Ultimate 2010 for €52. I mean, 93% savings, isn’t that something we only know from those illegal pirated software spam mails?

But this time, it’s a legitimate offer from Microsoft. It’s called “das wahre Office” here in Germany and offers Office 2010 for the unbeatable price of €52 to students. You can only buy Office Ultimate 2007 right now, but as soon as 2010 is released, you will get a free upgrade. I’m a big fan of Outlook with Exchange, so well I guess the €52 are well spent here. Don’t hesitate, the offer is limited to the end of june 2010!

Not only Microsoft is offering these increadible cheap packages, if you use Adobe Software for example, they offer 80% savings for their CS5 packages on their education store. Adobe even allows commercial usage of their software, so if you happen to design websites with Photoshop or create videos with Premiere Pro, the production premium set is available for around €350 on several online shop.

One Response to “Office 2010 for €52? Just another spam mail, wait, it’s from Microsoft?”

  1. bryan:

    I had this too, I activated my MS office Pro Plus 2010 32bit via phone activation in China.

    If you need my key and activation, I can help you activate via my phone, just give me your phone-activate-codes, easy as that.