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Byebye Logitech diNovo, hello Microsoft Arc?

Well, I’ve complained quite a lot about Logitech already, so after my problems with the diNovo edge started, I finally switched to a Microsoft keyboard, at least for the period until the repaired diNovo edge returns. I wanted to switch the brand for quite some time now, but there was simply no alternative if you are used to low profile keys from your notebook or diNovo keyboard. Luckily this finally changed as Microsoft has presented an ultra-flat keyboard called the “Arc Keyboard”, which features quite a nice design while being really small (and 60% cheaper than the diNovo edge). Well, the Arc keyboard looks really great. You can’t complain anything about its looks, but does it work as well as the diNovo edge?

I have to say my first reaction was “wow, what a nice keyboard!” when I unpacked it. I immediately opened up my anime community chat to test the keyboard out. And well, I kept missing the enter key for some reason at the beginning. I think its because of the arc design, but that’s something you’ll get used to really quick. The bigger problem was my habit to glide my fingers from one key to the other, without really taking it off the keyboard. As you can see on the pictures, the “valleys” between the keys are quite deep and steep, making your finger fall into them and get stuck when you glide from one key to the other. If you glide to hard, you will accidently press the key you’re stuck at, making you mistype quite a lot. This lowers the overall typing speed, as you need to really take you finger off each key until you can type on the next one. If you had a diNovo edge before, you’d know how nice it is to glide between the keys. Well I guess you can get used to that, too. But there is one thing that really annoyed me. If you look at the top row, where Esc, F1, Delete are located, well, how do I say it, they are no real keys! They feel like those really cheap calculator keys, with almost no movement at all. The tactile feedback is so bad you don’t even know whether you pressed it or not. I really have now clue why Microsoft did that, as some of the most used keys are located there. But not everything is bad about the keyboard. I really liked the spacebar and the arc, as it feels quite nice to type on. Oh and it sits really well on the desk, as Microsoft used some really nice rubber feet unlike the diNovo edge.

But if you really want a keyboard for fast typing, it’s no match for the diNovo edge, nor the diNovo Media Desktop. I guess I’ll keep the Arc keyboard to be my home server keyboard, as it is really compact.

4 Responses to “Byebye Logitech diNovo, hello Microsoft Arc?”

  1. bryan:

    nice review!
    I will think twice before buying this arc thing from MS.

    I glide between keys like you, and I type super fast, luckily I didnt buy it right away.

  2. MD:

    BTC 6100C — best keyboard ever for looooong hours of programming. The Arc looks great, but the placement of the Home/End keys at the top would be a bit of a pain, as those are used frequently when writing code. Having used the Arc, do you feel that any of the keys are out of place?

  3. Qian Qin:

    The Arc is ok, until you want to press the Escape key. But I think the Logitech Wireless Illuminated seems to be a better alternative to the diNovo Edge.

  4. Oli P.:

    Super Beschrieb! Ich könnte es nicht besser schreiben. ;-)
    Ich habe mir die gleiche Tastatur zugelegt und musste ungefähr die gleichen “Mängel” feststellen. Im grossen und ganzen ist es eine passable Tastatur, aber auch ich habe sie von meinem PC wieder abgehängt und an einen Server angeschlossen. Was ich am meisten vermisse sind die Cursertasten.

    Eigentlich bin ich ja wegen des Plugins “gTranslate” auf die Seite gestossen. Werde die Mehrsprachigkeit in einem neuen Projekt von mir mal auskosten, scheint aber eine geniale Sache zu sein.

    Oli P.