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Back online!

T-Home WTF?!A few weeks ago, my T-Home Entertain VDSL 50 stopped working, for no reason at all. My VDSL modem, the “Speedport 300HS” suddenly couldn’t sync anymore. I thought T-Com is probably doing maintenance, so I waited for a day, but it still wouldn’t sync. So I called the T-Com, asking what the problem would is. They told me everything should be fine, but I can order a technician, who can come to my place to check the line. The only condition is, if my line isn’t broken, I’d have to pay €100 for the technician.

Well, what choice do I have, I told the lady on the phone to immediately sent a technician, but unluckily, I called on a Saturday, so she told me I have to wait until Monday, when they’ll call me back. Well, I waited the whole Monday, but no call. So much for “Siftung Warentest’s” best score for T-Com service. Anyway, they did call on Tuesday, but it was only an appointment maker, not the technician himself. The technician was busy that day, so the earliest time he could come would be Thursday.

So I waited until Thursday, the appointment was between 12:00 and 18:00 and the technician did show up at 17:20. The only problem was that he had broke his diagnosis tool, making it impossible to fix my line. How great is that? Anyway, he promised to come back on Friday morning at 10:00, hopefully with a new diagnosis tool. Well, I waited until Friday 10:00 and guess what, no technician. 20 minutes later, the technician called and told me he would come a little later because he’s busy with another costumer. So I waited and waited and at 12:00, he finally came. Well, after running around testing things for an hour, he finally managed to get a sync with his diagnosis tool, but still couldn’t get my modem to sync with the line. He simply told me that the modem is broken and I should get a new one as he doesn’t have any replacement hardware. How I do that is my problem, but he won’t charge the €100 because the line was broken too. So I still don’t know why my line is broken and now, when it is finally fixed, I don’t have any hardware to go online. WTF!

Unluckily, my VDSL modem is more than 2 years old, so it’s already out of the warranty, so I decided to call T-Com to ask for new hardware. They have a special hot-line for ordering hardware, but it costs 14 cent/min! What kind of rip of is that? I called the normal support hot-line (which is free) and let them transfer me the the hardware hot-line. A quite unfriendly and nerved service lady picked up the phone and after I told her the story, she told that I can either buy a new modem for €80 or a new router with integrated modem (W920V) for €199. OMG, I’m paying €70 every month for my VDSL line and after a whole week offline, I should still pay a whole fortune to get new hardware? Any other ISP would have given out the hardware for their long term customer for free (I know that from 1and1 as my girlfriend is using it and she just got new hardware). I told her that 1and1 is offering the same VDSL now for €20 less each month, free hardware and €200 bonus if I switched, but I’d stay with T-Com if they give me some hardware to go online with. Guess what she answered: “Sorry, I can’t do that, I guess you’ll just have to switch” I seriously didn’t know what to answer to that. I mean, doesn’t the T-Com want to keep me as their customer? I’m one of the few people using their most expensive packages right from the beginning. Is this the way early adopters are treated now? I recommended a lot of people for VDSL at T-Com, but that is over now!

As my contract is still going for a few month, I went on eBay and bought myself a new W920V for €100, thats half the price than what T-Com wants from their paying costumers!

4 Responses to “Back online!”

  1. Nick Soper:

    OMG, that’s crazy! Over a week just to get online again. That sounds worse than here in South Africa!

  2. Hector Valle:

    Wow, sounds like Telgua, the Guatemalan ISP.

  3. Bernhard:

    Die Erlebnisse sind zwar wirklich zum Haare raufen, aber leider Alltag bei der T-Com. Ich frage mich auch, wie die Testsieger werden können. Dass sie einen Anschluss schnell schalten als die Konkurrenz ist ja auch klar, da immer ein T-Com Mitarbeiter ausrückt, selbst wenn man z.B. wie ich bei Alice ist. Und da lassen sie sich dann eben ein paar Tage länger Zeit. Dumm sind die ja nicht, nur extrem dreist.

    Und dass sie für einen Servicetechniker Geld verlangen, wenn nix los ist ist auch normal. Und Geld für ein neues Modem sowieso. Bei anderen Anbietern ist das Modem nur geliehen und wenn es kaputt geht bekommt man unentgeltlich ein neues.

    Bei KabelBW habe ich schonmal an einem Sonntag um 22 Uhr angerufen und die sehr nette Dame hat dann gleich meine Leitung aus dem Callcenter aus getestet. Der Servicetechniker kam dann Montags MIT einem neuen Kostenlosen Modem. So sollte das Laufen. Und die Zeitangaben 12 – 18 Uhr, wie sie die Telekom immer angibt ist auch eine Frechheit. Erwarten die im ernst, dass ich mir nen Tag Urlaub nehme, nur damit ich zu Hause bin, wenn der Serivetechniker kommt?

  4. Ganz einfach:

    Die Stiftung Warentest gehört dem Bund. Wer gehört auch dem Bund zu 51 Prozent? Ja, richtig, die Telekom. Ganz klar, dass da die Bewertung immer positiv ausfällt, obwohl der Telekom Kundenservice häufiger deutlich zu wünschen übrig lässt.