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Archive for August, 2009

Games on the cell phone

During my last semester, I participated at a seminar. My topic was “Games on the cell phone”. I’m putting the text I wrote online. It’s in German, but if someone is interested, feel free to have a look.

Spiele auf dem Handy (PDF)

OMG! WTF? Where is my bag?

I never thought that something like this would happen to me, but when I arrived at Beijing International Airport a few days ago to travel to Nanning to visit my relatives, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got out of the car, took both suitcases out of the trunk and start looking for my backpack. OMG, my passport is in my backpack, how am I supposed to fly without identification? I looked at my watch, 12:35, my plane is taking off at 14:00. That’s less than one hour to return home, run up to the 15th floor, get my backpack, run back down and race back to the airport. Did I mention that the traffic in Beijing is incredibly dense?

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