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Saxon Switzerland

BarbarineOn my birthday this year, my girlfriend surprised me with a short trip to “Schöna”, a small village in the Saxon Switzerland, around 200km from Berlin. So what’s so special about the Saxon Switzerland? Well, you have a huge green forest and some really weird high stones standing there. It looks really beautiful, especially when you standing on top of one of the stones. There are only cliffs around you so you can look really far in every direction. They are usually only around 100m high, so you can climb them pretty fast. With our bikes biggy-backed, we drove to Schöna and started off with a bike tour to Czech Republic.

I have to admit that didn’t expect that driving next to the river Elbe with the bike would be that beautiful. The have a really well build bike road there right next to the water, where you can enjoy the view to the other side of the river. Our first goal was “Belveder”, a hotel/restaurant on the cliff of the Elbe. Unluckily, the restaurant was on the other side of the river and on top of the cliff, so we had to first cross the river and then climp the cliff. But once we reached the top, the view was really beautiful and the food was really nice. I had the best “Schnitzel” I’ve ever eaten there. It was kind of hard to guess the prices though, as we didn’t have any Czech koruna, the currency of Czech and neither did we know what the exchange rate was, so we actually didn’t know how much the food would cost. I picked the most expensive “Schnitzel” they had and paid around €10. I guess we’re lucky they accepted Euro, but it seems most of there costumers were German.


Hrensko, a picture from our bike tour

The next day, we wanted to go inside the Saxon Switzerland national park to see the Schrammsteine, but unfortunately, it was raining really bad that day. We did climp up, but because of the bad sight, there wasn’t much to see. So the second day ended pretty much with us having completely wet pants climbing up and down. It was really fun though. I definitely need to get waterproof pants for my next trip.

A view from the Schrammsteinaussicht

A view from the Schrammsteinaussicht

On the last days, the weather changed completely, again, so we went to the “Schrammsteinaussicht” to finally see the Schrammsteine. Our program for this day is really full now, after not beeing able to do anything the day before. So after enjoying the incredible view for a while, we descended for our next destination, the “Pfaffenstein”. After climping to the top of the Pfaffenstein, we were quite astonished to see a huge restaurant there, right on top of the mountain. It seemed like it is a really well visited mountain there. After we reached the “Baberine”, an emblem of the Saxon Switzerland, we quickly understand why. You really need to go there and see for yourself. It’s simply incredible.

Two targets are now left for that day, the fortress “Festung Königstein” and the “Bastei”. I think I don’t need to describe how beautiful both are. There is one thing on the fortress “Festung Königstein”, the biggest fortress in the mountains of Europe, that really fascinated me. It was their well and the system how they got their water. Over 150m deep and I believe 5m in diameter. It was a little creepy looking down this huge and endless hole. As for the “Bastei”, there is that incredibly famous stone bridge there, the “Bastei Brücke”, connecting “Neurathen” with the “Bastei”.

Looking from Neurathen

Looking from Neurathen

After this short trip, we decided that we definitely want to go there again. It is so beautiful there…

4 Responses to “Saxon Switzerland”

  1. Jiena:

    Really amazing! I was there 2 years ago, but only for 1 day!
    Have visited Bastei und Festung Koenigstein.
    I will go hiking once again in the forest there and have a boat trip from dresden to Czech!

  2. Sabine:

    For more informations on Sächsische Schweiz area: you can visit http://www.saechsische-schweiz.de (German, English, Czech)

  3. Frank:

    at my website you’ll find a screensaver with a lot of saxon switzerland photos, pick it up, no costs ;)
    btw. …
    when is your fine language plugin wp 2.8.1 fit…???

  4. tommy:

    There is a nice video about the area on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWFKjzVWabI