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Archive for June, 2009

Lunch at the TU-Berlin

Being a student at the TU-Berlin is quite nice. Our campus is right in the city, so it’s quite easy to go shopping right after your classes. We have a canteen called “Mensa” for the students too, serving really cheap food. You usually pay around € 1.90 for some meat, plus € 0.30 for some potatoes or rice and another € 0.30 for a little salad. € 2.50 for a meal, sounds good right? Unluckily, there is a catch. The food tastes incredibly bad. Most students know that, but the alternative is the workers canteen, which offers quite nice food, but for € 4.00 a meal. So what about students like me who don’t have the money to eat the expensive food every day but don’t want to puke after each € 2.50 meal from the Mensa?

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Saxon Switzerland

BarbarineOn my birthday this year, my girlfriend surprised me with a short trip to “Schöna”, a small village in the Saxon Switzerland, around 200km from Berlin. So what’s so special about the Saxon Switzerland? Well, you have a huge green forest and some really weird high stones standing there. It looks really beautiful, especially when you standing on top of one of the stones. There are only cliffs around you so you can look really far in every direction. They are usually only around 100m high, so you can climb them pretty fast. With our bikes biggy-backed, we drove to Schöna and started off with a bike tour to Czech Republic.

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