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Archive for May, 2009

Preventing multiple instances of Flash Movies

Currently, Flash does not natively support prevention of multiple instances, so a workaround is needed. Why would anyone want to prevent multiple instances anyway? Well, I use Flash as a Chat client, so allowing a user to run multiple instances would mean that they could join the chat multiple times, which is not really a wanted feature. So how do I prevent users from joining the chat multiple times?
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Buying stamps the smart way

BriefmarkeUsually, when you need to send a letter, you would probably walk to the post office to buy a stamp, or maybe a full set with 10 or more. In Germany, post offices are usually really full and it takes quite some time until you can buy your stamps. The Problem is that the post offices here are also a bank, so there are a lot of customer doing bank business there. They do offer vending machines for stamps, but they printed ones are really ugly and not self-adhesive, so you have to lick them, which I can’t stand a bit personally. So is there a better way to get your stamps?
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