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Short trip to Wandlitz

Watch out for children!Last weekend, my girlfriend and me went to Wandlitz for a short trip. Wandlitz is a small town close to Berlin and has two lakes around it, namely “Wandlitzer See” and “Liepnitzsee”.

We decided to hike around the “Wandlitzer See” the first day, which was pretty nice at the beginning, where there was a promenade. But after 1km, the promenade turned into a normal road and started to drift away from the waterside, which is not exactly what I imagined of a hiking tour around a lake would look like. Anyway, I found a quite interesting sign next to an intersection after walking around half the lake lying on the ground, most probably knocked over by some car, saying “Watch out for children!”. I hope the children are still doing well unlike the sign…

WolfAnyway, later that day, we went to a little wild animal zoo in Schorfheide, north of Wandlitz. Unlike normal zoos, they only have almost extinct animals, like the European wolf. The day we went there, the zoo had a special attraction, a full moon wolf night. At 10 PM, only armed with a flash light, we walked in the dark forest of the zoo. You could hear the howls of the wolves from the distance… What an atmosphere! After reaching the wolf park, the zoo manager held an quite funny and informative talk about the European wolves. Did you know that there is actually no written evidence of a wolf attacking a grown up human, but still the wolves were hunted down like no other animal? Anyway, I managed to shot a picture of a wolf at the night. SuperFlux LED flash lights are pretty powerful, eh? I strongly suggest you go there for such a full moon wolf night. It’s definitely not something you can experience anywhere else. Go take a look at their website.

LiepnitzseeThe next day, we went to the second lake in Wandlitz, the “Liepnitzsee”. It’s one of the most clean lakes in Germany and is completely surrounded by a forest and has a isle in the center. You can swim there in the sommer, or rent a boat like us and paddle around the isle (takes 1-2 hours) and enjoy the landscape, the fresh air and the sunshine. The picture is not the “Liepnitzsee”, but the “Wandlitzer See”. It was so beautiful there that we forgot to take a picture of it…

Our trip ended with a little shopping tour in a little shop called the “Hofladen” in Biesentahl, where they offered fresh vegtables from their own production. They are much cheaper than the ones in the supermarket, but taste a lot better. They don’t only have the vegtables of the season, but also a lot of homemade marmelade in all different kinds. Really great stuff! I’m getting hungry thinking about it…

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  1. Jiena:

    haha, I envy what u two are experiencing!