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Logitech, Logitech…

Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laster KeyboardSome of you have probably read my article complaining about the Logitech product quality. Well, after my third diNovo Keyboard ended up looking like crap after short usage, I decided to get myself a different keyboard. Just like the one before, the rubber from the palm rest started peeling off. Take a look at the picture, does that look like a € 200 keyboard to you? This wouldn’t happen to a cheap € 2 keyboard after 1 week of usage, but on a € 200 one? Paying 100x and getting 100th life time? WTF? Logitech Service worked, unlike the products, flawless (again) and replaced it within 3 days. So after I received my fourth (!) replacement, I decided to sell it on eBay and get myself something different.

I wanted slim keys, just like on my notebook, for faster typing. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too noisy and have a nice tactile feedback. It should be wireless of course, as I like to put the keyboard away when I need to space on my desk. It shouldn’t look too ugly either, as everything else on my desktop is in black/silver. The keyboard is the main interface between me and my computer, so I don’t want save any money here, so price range can be around € 100 or upward. And there I looked… and found exactly 3 keyboards: the Logitech diNovo Edge, Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Sony’s Vaio Wireless Keyboard. Well, as I didn’t want to buy anymore Logitech products, there was no real choice for me there.. Apple wouldn’t work with Windows, so.. Wait, where is the “Del”-Button on Sony’s keyboard? It’s a tiny key above Backspace! Who even thinks of putting it above Backspace, seriously?! Delete is one of the most keys pressed and they make it small and easy to be mistyped as backspace? No way I am buying that! So I looked again on my list and the only option left for me was to buy another Logitech product again. I am seriously wondering what the competition is doing… Why are they leaving Logitech a monopoly there?

So I end up with another Logitech product. I can’t wait to contact Logitech Support (again) and report how crappy their products are…

3 Responses to “Logitech, Logitech…”

  1. Benoît Gauthier:

    You might want to consider a sturdy little keyboard from IBM. See http://www.recycledgoods.com/item/30539.aspx for a description of the IBM KPH0035. I bought one to reduce the distance my right hand had to travel to get to the cursor keys (wrist issues). It turns out to be great in many respects once you get used to its smaller than usual size factor. I bought three more afterwards because they may not be in production anymore.

  2. aRT:

    why dont you have a look at cherry? I tried all of the above and ended up with the cheapest one, and its still the best ;)

  3. Meh:

    Its been my observation Logitech peripherals are crap, in general their more expensive devices should outlast their cheaper products. This isn’t the case though, they seem to capitalize on their warranties however. While this is a good showing, it doesn’t say much about what their selling. I have also noticed Logitech tends to forget its older devices, they literally cut costs by dropping all support for something say you bought a year and a half ago. The drivers aren’t maintained nor have new updates.

    If you don’t mind fancy gimmicks try your hand at the Cyborg keyboard, its back lit panels have all the quirks but the overall lasting quality of it is probably on a longer limb than most Logitech keyboards and at the fraction of the price.