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Archive for February, 2009

Entering the Dual-Monitor world

Dual Screen DesktopThe first time I used 2 display on one computer was around 1997, with Windows 95. At that time, one of two computers at my home broke, so there was one monitor more than computers. As I was trying to fix the broken computer, I wanted to test whether the graphic card was broken, but as I was too lazy too remove the old one in the working computer, I simply plugged them both into one computer (they were all PCI at that time). Once plugged in, I played around with the settings and then suddenly realised that I had just doubled the working space of the computer. This is quite a lot at that time, where we only had tiny 14″ CRT screens. As I was playing around with Winsock at that time and was creating something like VNC at that time, it was really helpful having two instances of a IDE running, one on each screen, to test the communication. But as monitors were incredibly expensive at that time and as I couldn’t convince my dad to buy a new monitor for the next computer, I never used a dual-monitor setup again until a few days ago.

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