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qTranslate Supporters

When I opened my mailbox today, I was quite astonished when I found a greeting card from Italy there. It is from “Daniele” (did I spell it right? If not, mail me). Thank you a lot for the card, I was really happy today when I received it. The same goes to “Andrea”, who bought me something from my Amazon.de wish list today. I’ve been developing qTranslate 2 these days, which got pretty frustating because my notebook is way to slow when I try to debug javascript, so I am saving up for a desktop PC. But I will keep doing my best, thank you for your support!

6 Responses to “qTranslate Supporters”

  1. camu:

    Ehi what about my donation I sent you through Paypal a few weeks ago? :) Well, I hope you will release qT2 soon, I cannot wait to use it with my blog! Thank you for your time!

  2. Qian Qin:

    You kept me going a few weeks ago ;) But my slow PC is really frustating when it comes to Javascript development :(

  3. camu:

    Of course I was kidding, I’m not upset at all :) I know you are having problems because of your computer, but I still hope you will make it! Keep this wonderful work up!

  4. TynnGutt:

    Using the qTranslate a while now. Love it! We will try to donate when we have enough cash. Waiting for a wp 2.7 version, thanks!

  5. Peter:

    i have no money, but i wanted to say to you thanks a lot. i used q translate in the past on my blog and now i can start use it again. the new version is really perfect.
    good work. hope you go on.


  6. David Ho:

    Just wanted to leave some love for all your hard work in developing this plug in it has proven to be just what the doctor ordered for some of my bilingual website needing client’s needs! I’m sure people have already chewed your ear off about the issue with linking but overall I think you did a fantastic job! What kind of computer are you stuck with right now??Perhaps a donation is in order! I’m up for a new computer at the end of the year. Thanks again! -David H