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Archive for December, 2008

Lowcost desktop PC – quiet and fast

I have the Intel U2500 (2x 1,2 Ghz) in my notebook (Toshiba R400), which is simply to slow for developing heavy Javascript applications (like my WordPress plugin qTranslate). Most of the time I was sitting in front of my computer and waiting for it to react. this made me realize that I need a faster computer. But what to do if I don’t have much money left? Luckily, I still had a case and 2 harddisk left from somwhere, so I only needed a CPU, Mainboard, Power Supply, RAM and a CPU Cooler. So I started looking for pieces to put together for a really cheap computer, yet really silent and fast.

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Merry X-Mas

weihnachtliche A Klasse + Elche Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I have released qTranslate 2.0.2 for you all as my little Christmas present. Thank you all for supporting me, especially those who bought me really nice gifts, send me greetings cards or donated some money! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

I’ll be playing “Junta” and “Siedler” over my holidays all day long. ;)

temporal masking of sounds

Temporal masking describes the effect of your ears missing quiet sounds after hearing a loud sound. This effect is probably known by most of you (temporal post-masking), but did you know that this also happens before you hear a loud sound (temporal pre-masking)? How can your brain know when hearing a quiet sound that there will be a loud one coming and dismiss it beforehand? Magic? Can our brains peek into the future?

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qTranslate Supporters

When I opened my mailbox today, I was quite astonished when I found a greeting card from Italy there. It is from “Daniele” (did I spell it right? If not, mail me). Thank you a lot for the card, I was really happy today when I received it. The same goes to “Andrea”, who bought me something from my Amazon.de wish list today. I’ve been developing qTranslate 2 these days, which got pretty frustating because my notebook is way to slow when I try to debug javascript, so I am saving up for a desktop PC. But I will keep doing my best, thank you for your support!