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Notebook Upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade a notebook? Until a few days ago, I’d say only hard disk and memory. But guess what, there is more! I’m not talking about PCMCIA cards here, no, real upgerades just like in your desktop pc.

It started of when Frank ordered his new uebernotebook for a whopping price of € 1700 with everything anyone could every wish to have in a notebook. This includes Wireless LAN draft-n (450MBit/s), which can get as fast as 100 MBit/s effectively, unlike my Wlan-g network (54MBit/s) with only real 10 MBit/s. Every copied a file via Wlan-g? If yes, you know how long that takes…

Anyway, I wanted to upgrade to Wlan-n for a long time, but PCMCIA cards are not a solution for me as they usually have external antennas. After placing such a card in my notebook, I’d have 2 Wlan cards, one external, one internal, which is one too much. So that’s why I never upgraded until now.

Now when Frank ordered his notebook, I started looking for internal adapters and found out, that the internal Wlan adapters are not soldered on the main board but only mini PCI or PCIe cards! I couldn’t believe it at first, so I opened my Toshiba R400 and took a look inside. And there it was, a little PCIe card connected to 2 antennas. Next to it the Novatel UMTS/HSDPA modem and one free slot with “UWB” written on the board. So there is the missing UWB module of the R400 which was not allowed in Germany. I looks like I can not only upgrade my Wlan card but also get UWB in my notebook! A quick search returned me my new Wlan card, the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965agn for only €25! But unlike the Wlan card, a UWB could not be found. Too bad…

So I ordered my new Wlan card right away. But the 4965agn needs one more antenna than my old 3945abg, so I bought one of them as well on eBay for € 3,5. Right after receiving everything, I installed the new card with the 3rd antenna. It was really easy.

Wlan signal strength has improved a little, now I’m only missing the Wlan-n access point.

7 Responses to “Notebook Upgrade”

  1. Patrick:

    Oh oh, sowas von dir zu lesen schmerzt ja fast schon.

    Wlan karten waren schon immer via mini pci verbaut und selbst ich war schon auf der suche nach passenden N-Adaptern. die dritte ANtenne im Rahmen des Monitors unterzubringen ist auch eher weniger das Problem.
    Villeicht solltest du mich doch ab und an mal Fragen.

    UWB – Ultrawideband, so schauts aus als pci modul:
    Hier, was man damit machen kann

    was die Verfügbarkeit angeht, frage ich mich ob die teile überhaupt schon für die breite Öffentlichkeit zugänglich sind.

  2. Qian Qin:

    Ich habe die dritte Antenne neben dem Touchpad untergebracht. Alle Antennen im neben den Bildschirm halte ich für nicht so effektiv.

    Was ich brauche ist PCIe, nicht PCI, von daher hilft mir der Link nicht viel, was ich mir schon vor einiger Zeit angeschaut hat. Genaugenommen hat Lenovo ein UWB Modul, ist aber praktisch unbezahlbar. Was man mit UWB machen kann ist klar, immerhin sollte der R400 ürsprünglich ja UWB haben. ;)

  3. patrick:

    SO wie ich das sehe sollte der nix haben sondern nur dafür gerüstet sein wiel UWB noch nicht mal auf dem Markt ist, also nicht für die öffentlichkeit.
    Das ist bis jetzt doch nur spielerei für hardcore geeks die das zeugs selbst entwicklen. sonst wäre es wohl kaum so schwer das zeug irgendwo zu kaufen.

  4. Business Blogger:

    I have old Pentium 4 notebook an I want to upgrade the processor to core2 duo. Is it possible or I have to buy new notebook?
    Great site and nice article. I like it, keep good writing and I will wait your new articles.

  5. Qian Qin:

    Pentium4 to Core 2 Duo is too big of a jump. You can only upgrade between the same series, like to a better p4 or a better core 2 duo, but p4 to core 2 duo is impossible.

  6. newbie2009:

    Hi, UWB will be coming sometime in 2009. I heard this from Panasonic Deutschland when I wanted to purchase a new Panasonic Full HD. The sales rep on the phone told me to wait because the new series of TVs are to come in 2009. Much lighter, slimmer and with NO CONNECTION SLOTS AT ALL. Everything via the SetBox (assume UWB). awesome. I have saved some money thanks to this honest guy.

    BTW: he also informed me, that due to the fact, that the new TVs will be thin and without all the connection stuff, they might be quiet a lot cheaper (even I doubt this beause the setbox will also need connections).

  7. artevit:

    better to sell your old computer and buy a new one, so much easier)