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Archive for November, 2008

Service numbers in Germany

To survive the ongoing price war in Germany, almost all big companies have reduced their service level to a minimum. What used to be free has become quite pricey. Service numbers are a good example. They used to be free or on a 0180-2 basis (€ 0.06/call). But lately, they were swapped against expensive 0180-5 (€0.14/min) or even 0900 (usually above €1.00/minute) numbers. It wouldn’t be so bad if the service would actually improve as expected if you pay money to talk to the service personnel, but in reality, they get even worse. Long waiting lines and user unfriendly interfaces make you pay for wasting your time. Luckily, there usually is a way to get rid of the pricey part.

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Notebook Upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade a notebook? Until a few days ago, I’d say only hard disk and memory. But guess what, there is more! I’m not talking about PCMCIA cards here, no, real upgerades just like in your desktop pc.

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