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Scratches are the one thing you definitely don’t want to have when you get a new PDA. A screen protector is a must have. There a 2 kinds of screen protectors in general. One kind are the cheap ones, €1 for 10 protectors. The other kind, the kind that actually protect your screen, costs €10 for 1.

I won’t discuss the cheap ones here, but the good ones. There are a few brands making these kind of protectors, for example 3M, Exim or Brando. Their protection quality is usually comparable, so the major difference is the cutting.

For my O2 Xda Diamond for example, I have tested 3 different kinds of screen protectors, the Brando Protector Plus, the 3M Vikuiti DQC-160 and the official HTC screen protector that came with the Xda Diamond. First one was the Brando, which felt nice, just like on my O2 Xda Orbit, but the top right corner, where the camera is, was missing. That destroyed the look and left the corner unprotected. So I bought the 3M next. They come not only with the screen protector but also with one for the bottom keys. They didn’t cut anything out for the camera, making the foil protect the camera too, which is great. But even after applying 2 of them, none of them glued perfectly to the screen. Dissapointed again… So I tried the official protector. Fits perfectly, glues perfectly. Perfect? Well… not really. It’s not scratch resistant at all. I already have a lot of scratches on it and I use it much more careful than I did with my O2 Xda Orbit with Brando protector.

So frustrated with all the protectors, I emailed Nina at Brando and asked her if they could fix their corner problem. After one month and quite a few emails, Brando has now made a new cutting for their Protector Plus Ultra-Clear and sent me 2 new pieces of it for free! Great products, great support and now highly recommended by me!

UPDATE: 3M just send me 3 new protectors for free! This time, they cut a hole where the camera is, so it is pretty much like the original screen protector except with a better quality.

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  1. K.-U. Schenke:

    Where did you bought the Vikuiti film – please get in contact with us so taht we can investigate.

    Vikuiti Product Management