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O2 Xda Diamond

I got a new phone! Well… it really is more of a mobile computer than a phone. Lately, I find myself more and more addicted to the internet. I used to do so much stuff offline, now everything I do on my computer has to do with the internet. Right now I’m blogging, online, of course. It’s not hard to see that my addiction had to be satisfied when I’m not home or in front of a computer. That’s why I bought myself the O2 Xda Diamond, which is the branded version of the HTC Touch Diamond P3700.

After using it for a month now, I thought it is time to write a little about it. If you look at the hardware specifications, the device is quite powerful. It has a 528 MHz CPU, 192 DDR-RAM and a VGA screen (that’s 640×480 pixels). With some more goodies like GPS, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, 3.2 Megapixel camera with auto-focus, G-Sensor and an extreme slim and stylish look, I had no chance of resisting. It looks so good that even my girlfriend bought one for herself, too. She of course got the glossier bling-bling HTC version of it.

HTC build a new interface for the really user unfriendly Windows Mobile 6.1, called Touchflo 3D (TF3D), which has changed a lot of my PocketPC behavior. When I used my old Xda Orbit, the first thing I did is to pull out the stylus. It was almost impossible to use with your fingertips. With the new TF3D, the only opportunity to use the stylus is… Wait, there is none! I sometimes still pull out the stylus just to put it back in after realizing that I don’t need it. That said, the new interface also has some shadow sides. First, it doesn’t allow anymore Today-Plugins, making it not really customizable. Second, the finger-navigable interface takes a lot of space, making it necessary to scroll on the Today screen.

The 3.2 MP camera with autofocus is also a big improvement compared to my old 2.0 MP with fixed focus. Sharp pictures which look better than most digital cameras astonished me. Too bad there is not flash. The G-Sensor is also a really nice new toy to play with. Everyone I showed the G-Sensor Game Tweeter to was amazed by it.

Some people asked me why I bought this phone and not the Apple IPhone 3G. Well, first, the screen resolution is much higher on the Diamond than on the IPhone. Second, the Diamond is smaller and thinner. Third, the camera in the Diamond has autofocus and 3.2 MP and has way better picture quality. Not the mention the price of the IPhone, which is 50% higher. I seriously considered the IPhone, even though I hate Apple users, but there were no arguments at all for me. It’s the same with the IPod, there are way better devices out there for a much better price, just like my iriver clix 2.

So is the Diamond flawless? Not really. The size also has its disadvantages, which is battery life. When actively using the device, the battery barely holds for 8 hours, which is not much really. The major battery killer is the screen. I don’t know exactly how much it needs, but this bright VGA screen has to need a lot. I never used it as a phone, mostly to write emails and surf on the web, so I don’t know how the battery will do when calling someone.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the Diamond. It’s the first device having all the functions I need. I can finally walk around with my Sony BT-50 Bluetooth headphones listening to SRS WOW HD enhanced music with SBC at 328kbs and surf around without the music lagging. Well… almost. It still lags a little when it has bad reception and needs to switch from 3G to GSM or when it need to switch to Roaming. But other than that, the device is simply great!

3 Responses to “O2 Xda Diamond”

  1. Eero:

    Seems like a neat device. I’m going back to Finland in the end of the month so I wish you everything good and maybe we meet one day again. How much uni do you have left? I’ll be finished within 9-12 months and then – hmm – something :D I hope you don’t hate Apple users – then you would hate me too :D

  2. Patrick:

    Als ich vor einer Woche vom Toch HD gehört habe, musste ich an dich denken und innerlich auch lachen.
    Weil ich mir sehr sehr sicher bin, dass dies nun das nächste Gerät deiner Träume ist und du nun aber schon den Diamond hast.
    Naja … shit happens und im Rahmen immer kürzer werdener Produktlebenszyklen is heute ja auch nix mehr aktuell, wissen wir ja. Ich will dennoch das X1 :p

  3. Qian Qin:

    Jaja… Der Touch HD, als ich zum ersten mal über ihn gelesen habe, hatte ich mich ziemlich geärgert. Bis ich die Abmessungen mir angeschaut hab. Seitdem bin ich wieder voll zufrieden mit meinem XDA Diamond. Die Maße vom Touch Diamond sind echt schwer zu toppen. Btw: Ich kann Quake 3 Arena auf meinem Handy spielen. ;)