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Archive for August, 2008

Brando Support

Scratches are the one thing you definitely don’t want to have when you get a new PDA. A screen protector is a must have. There a 2 kinds of screen protectors in general. One kind are the cheap ones, €1 for 10 protectors. The other kind, the kind that actually protect your screen, costs €10 for 1.

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Logitech product quality

All my friends know that I am a huge Logitech fan. I own 9 mouses, 4 keyboards, 2 Bluetooth headsets, 2 remotes and 1 Bluetooth music receiver made by Logitech, which almost all are still in use (just for the record: MouseMan iFeel, MX 700, MouseMan Traveller, LX5, V500, MX 1000, MX 1000 Bluetooth, MX Revolution, MX Revolution Bluetooth, S510, 2x diNovo Desktop, MX 5500 Desktop, Mobile Freedom, Mobile Traveller, Wireless Music, 2x Harmony 885).
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O2 Xda Diamond

I got a new phone! Well… it really is more of a mobile computer than a phone. Lately, I find myself more and more addicted to the internet. I used to do so much stuff offline, now everything I do on my computer has to do with the internet. Right now I’m blogging, online, of course. It’s not hard to see that my addiction had to be satisfied when I’m not home or in front of a computer. That’s why I bought myself the O2 Xda Diamond, which is the branded version of the HTC Touch Diamond P3700.

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