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Archive for May, 2008

Google Treasure Hunt 2008 Question 2 Solution

Question 2 of the Google Treasure Hunt is out and is fairly easy compared to the last question. They request you to sum up numbers of a specific line in files where the path or file name contain a specific pattern and have a specific file ending. I quickly wrote an PHP script to do the job.

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My files are safe?

Anti-Virus is good business. There are so many companies fighting to get their anti-virus software on your computer, you might even think that they release viruses just to improve their revenue. But when you search around the web, you can actually find free anti-virus software. AntiVir Personal by Avira is one of the best examples. Its bigger brother was tested by c’t, which actually gave it a pretty good grade and ranked it before other better known software like Kaspersky or Norton. So why pay money if you get something better for free? Read more »