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Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery is the default program for viewing images on Vista. It’s pretty simple and works great. But it only works from the Windows Explorer. What if you want to use it with other Tools like WinSCP to preview images from different, maybe linux servers? I started looking for an Executable file to open the previewer, but the only one I could find is the Photo Gallery itself, which doesn’t open the selected image but the hole gallery. So how do I open the previewing version of the Photo Gallery?

A look in the file associations revealed the Previewer: It’s a DLLs function call. No wonder I couldn’t find any Executable. Anyway, if you want to use the Vista built-in Image Previewing tool with WinSCP, just associate *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png as an Editor with the following command:

C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe "C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Gallery\PhotoViewer.dll", ImageView_Fullscreen !.!

2 Responses to “Windows Photo Gallery”

  1. cybercake:

    Maybe it’s an OCX control. One can try to embed it in his own programs:)

  2. Tina:

    Mein Problem war zwar ein anderes (Standart-Datei-Zuordnung für Windows Fotogalerie-Vorschau war nach Installation eines anderen Grafikprogamms nicht wiederherstellbar…), aber Dein Tip hat mir super geholfen!! Vielen Dank! :-)