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Amsterdam by car

Park and RideLast weekend, I went to Amsterdam with my girlfriend. While looking for a hotel to stay at, it struck me that almost no hotels offer parking space. Weird, I thought and googled for public parking spaces and their costs. € 50 a day! That’s more than I pay for the hotel! A closer look on Google Maps revealed the problem. Amsterdam has a lot of very narrow one-way streets. So how do I get to Amsterdam by car without paying millions for parking?

Luckily, Amsterdam offers Park and Ride. This is a service which allows you to park outside the city and ride with public transportation to the city. For € 6 a day, we parked at P+R Sloterdijk and even got 2 train tickets to Amsterdam Central Station for free. Remeber not to throw those tickets away. You will need to return them to get the special € 6 price. If you loose them, you will need to pay the normal price of around € 15 a day. From Sloterdijk, it’s only 7 minutes to Amsterdam Central Station. The train ticket costs € 2,20 (for the way back), so it’s much cheaper than parking in the city, especially when all parking spaces are full even with those inhuman prices! Anyway, Amsterdam is a really small city and we could easily go to anywhere interesting by feet. If you are really lazy, you might take the tram, but then you couldn’t take a closer look at the beautiful scenery with all those pretty houses.

So in the end, it wasn’t a too expensive trip even though food was around €12 / meal.

3 Responses to “Amsterdam by car”

  1. cybercake:

    A beaitiful new look! But…sad to see you gave up the chinese version-__-|||

  2. Flo:

    why use a car? use bikes! especially in a city liek amsterdam.

  3. Ronald:

    you could also park your car in a nearby town and go to Amsterdam by train or bus. I live about 40km from Amsterdam, and always use that method. ;)

    - your Qtranslate plugin is Qawesome!!!!!