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Archive for March, 2008

Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery is the default program for viewing images on Vista. It’s pretty simple and works great. But it only works from the Windows Explorer. What if you want to use it with other Tools like WinSCP to preview images from different, maybe linux servers? I started looking for an Executable file to open the previewer, but the only one I could find is the Photo Gallery itself, which doesn’t open the selected image but the hole gallery. So how do I open the previewing version of the Photo Gallery?

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Intel Graphic Media Accelerator (GMA) Driver

Many people have a GMA as their graphic card on their notebooks. There are usually some special drivers shipped with the notebook for the graphic card, which usually work just fine with office programs. But when you start using 3D-acceleration, you might encounter weird graphic bugs. So the normal action an experienced user would take would be updating the driver. But a lot of suppliers don’t allow switching to official Intel drivers, like Dell or mine: Toshiba. When you try to install them, an error message appears and the setup exists. What then? Well, you can either wait for them to release a new driver (which won’t happen usually) or trick the Intel driver into installing. With new drivers, everything might even work worse than before or break your windows, so be sure you really-really need the update.

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Amsterdam by car

Park and RideLast weekend, I went to Amsterdam with my girlfriend. While looking for a hotel to stay at, it struck me that almost no hotels offer parking space. Weird, I thought and googled for public parking spaces and their costs. € 50 a day! That’s more than I pay for the hotel! A closer look on Google Maps revealed the problem. Amsterdam has a lot of very narrow one-way streets. So how do I get to Amsterdam by car without paying millions for parking?

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Urania.de goes online!

I’ve been working on the new Urania website together with Jonas for quite some time now. Today it launched! Check it out: www.urania.de! We wrote the site completely in Django, a really cool Python framework for making websites quick and easy. Well it wasn’t really easy, we did encounter a lot of Problems. But now, they are all fixed and the site is running like a charm.

Working on the Urania website plus making my cool new WordPress Plugin qTranslate pretty much took up all my time lately, so I haven’t been able to post anything. Sorry!