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PuTTY and WinSCP

PuTTY is great, but it’s even better with WinSCP. You can let WinSCP manage all sessions, press Ctrl+P and PuTTY will pop up, with your session password saved and passed to it. But there are some configuration issues coming from this kind of setup.

The first issue is more PuTTY based. When you open a new connection, it will probably use your desktop encoding, which might not work correctly if your server uses UTF-8. It’s possible to change the encoding by right-clicking on the title bar, but then you would have to do it every time. The solutions is easy, open putty for itself, change the setting and overwrite the “Default Settings”. This will work for X11 forwarding, too. These settings will apply to all sessions. It you want to custom settings for one session, you will just need to give the session the same name in PuTTY and WinSCP.

The second issue is that I like PuTTY windows maximized. And maximizing it by hand every time is annoying, so I created a link to PuTTY in the PuTTY directory and changed the properties of the link to open PuTTY maximized. Next I changed the PuTTY Integration settings in WinSCP to %PROGRAMFILES%\PuTTY\putty.lnk. This opens all PuTTY windows maximized.

This saves me alot time, too bad they are not the default settings.

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