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Moving again

After staying with Keyweb VRS Premium for 3 month, I learned that virtual servers aren’t a real solution for hosting. I ended up way too many times in the black zone, killing my website. So it’s time to move again.

You won’t reach the black zone usually, but sometimes you do. And that’s when it gets annoying. Hosting a small website won’t get you into the black zone at all, but as soon as you do something on the server you will. The main problem is the memory limit, why make the virtual server think it has more memory than it actually has? To make it crash as soon as it wants more than I paid for?

Anyway, it’s time for a real root server. I talked with my friend Jonas and we decided to get one from Hetzner this time. They offer an Athlon 3700+ with 1 GB RAM and 2x 160GB hard disk for only € 49 a month, without setup fees. Traffic is included, the same goes for 6 IPs! So I ordered one yesterday. Let’s see when the server becomes available to me. Can’t wait to have my websites running lightning fast again.

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