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Useful Taskbar Grouping

I always say that you can easy distinguish a computer amateur from an expert by looking at his taskbar. If it has only one row, he’s an amateur. An expert knows the advantage of multi tasking and needs a lot of space in the task bar to navigate through the programs.

But what happens if someone only has a one row taskbar and opens a lot of windows? Well, it used to get messy, but in XP, Microsoft introduced grouping (probably copied from Linux), where similar applications get opened close to each other on the task bar and get grouped to one task if they take up too much space. The first feature is really neat because it helps you navigate through multiple instances of one application. The second feature clears up the task bar but disables quick access to those grouped tasks. It takes 2 clicks to get to the desired application, that’s twice as much as you needed before. In the taskbar properties, it’s possible to disable grouping completely. But because I still want similar tasks to open up next to each other on the task bar, this is unacceptable. Luckily, there is a workaround to have similar task next to each other without being grouped to one task. Download this script and execute it or do the change in your registry manually: Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced and add/change the DWORD “TaskbarGroupSize? to 100. This will only start grouping to one task if 256 or more similar tasks are opened, which is fairly improbable.

One Response to “Useful Taskbar Grouping”

  1. vincent:

    Hi Qian,

    I always use alt-tab instead of the taskbar. not an expert, but i love multitasking.

    thanks for Qtranslate btw.