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Music over Bluetooth

image If there is something I don’t like about wireless technology, it’s Bluetooth. It never worked the way I wanted. Some say it’s a matter of the stack (Bluetooth software) and some say you need to buy the best dongles. I used BlueSoleil, then Widcomm and now Toshiba, started off with Bluetooth 1.2 with a cheap € 2 dongle from eBay, then the Logitech diNovo Bluetooth 2.0 EDR dongle from my € 200 keyboard/mice set and now the internal Bluetooth 2.0 EDR chip from Toshiba in my Portege R400. Did it work well with any of these combinations? Not really…

So how come I ended up using Bluetooth for streaming my music? I wanted high quality music for my bedroom without spending too much money. Well, a set of active speakers would be just perfect and because my “Teufel Concept E Magnum Power Edition” system in my living room is really great, I wanted a speaker system from Teufel for my bedroom too. Their cheapest system, the “Concept C 2.1 USB” costs € 119. If I connect that to my notebook, I’ve got everything I need. Except for the cables. If there is one thing I hate more than Bluetooth it’s cables on my bed. So how do I get the music streamed without quality loss from my notebook to the speakers without cables? I hate to admit that the cheapest solution is Bluetooth A2DP. So now I started looking for a cheap Bluetooth A2DP receiver and stumbled upon “Logitech Wireless Music System for Ipod and MP3 Players” set. I got it for € 40 from eBay and plugged everything together. Except for the pairing, everything went very smoothly. It took me 8 hours to figure out that I need to enable “force link security” to get A2DP to work. The security code is “0000″ by the way. Anyway, everything is working now and I am satisfied with the sound quality (see here if you don’t believe me). But what am I going to do with the A2DP transmitter from the set?

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