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Artido coupon from McDonalds

Every year, we have a raffle in Germany from McDonalds called Monopoly. You can win several things there, but most coupons are pretty useless, just like the one from Artido. The coupon lets you buy something and get € 20 off the price, but everything there costs at least € 33.90. Wait, execpt for the photo-hankerchief (€ 19.95), which is sold out… At least it says that on the website. But is it really? Well, having the link for ordering the photo-handkerchief and the useless Artido coupon, I simply ordered one. They guarantee to deliver before christmas if ordered before 13. December. So can they if I order this “sold out” article?

Well, yes. I got my order today. Paying only € 4.85 for a high quality photo-handkerchief. Quite interessting. It seems that they aren’t sold out at all. They just don’t want all the coupon winners to use them. I have to admit, nice marketing tactic. Anyway, if any of you want to order one, just click here.

2 Responses to “Artido coupon from McDonalds”

  1. Sebby:

    Funktiniert nicht mehr:

    Ihr 20,00 € Gutschein “Mein Foto auf Leinwand” kann ausschließlich nur für das Produkt “Fotoleinwand” eingesetzt werden.

    Pro Bestellung ist nur 1 Gutschein einsetzbar.

    Die Einlösung der McDonald`s Gutscheine ist bis zum 31.12. 2008 möglich.

    Garantierte Lieferung vor Weihnachten nur für Bestellungen bis einschließlich 13.12.

  2. Qian Qin:

    schade, waren wohl zu viele da ;)