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The Vista Battle

I have been using Microsoft programs for a long time now and I have seen a lot of BSDs (Blue Screen of Death), but they usually occur when some application or hardware crashes or when you changed something in your system. 2 days ago, I experienced a somewhat unexpected BSD.

Like every night, I closed my notebook and let it go into stand-by mode. But in the morning, when I opened my notebook to check my Emails, I saw a BSD. "BUG_CODE_USB_DRIVER", it says. That’s weird… I started my system again and got a different BSD saying nothing else than "your system crashed, stupid" and rebooted after making a memory dump. Now Vista seemed to have realized that it’s not working like it should and went into repair mode. That’s nice, I thought, but after the repair mode, I still got the BSD. After the next reboot, Vista went into repair mode again… After about 3 hours, it ended with a message like "Can’t repair you system", quit and left me with the BSD. What now? I tried the safe mode, no luck. The same BSD laughing at me, preventing me from working on my notebook.

After some more hours of battling with the Vista BSD, I used the ultimate Anti-Microsoft weapon and reinstalled everything. I guess in Microsoft’s world, not even the old law "Never touch a running system!" works anymore…

One Response to “The Vista Battle”

  1. AndyWxy:

    I really appreciate your patience…