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my first car

When you live in Berlin, a car isn’t really nessecary. You can get anywhere with public transportation. But in the winter or at night, a car is much more comfortable. That’s why my girlfriend and me bought a car together.


After testing a few cars, we decided to get a Volkswagen Lupo. It’s a pretty small car which can hold up to 4 people without getting too uncomfortable. Insurrance and tax are both cheap, so is the gas usage. I need around 7l / 100km in the winter for driving in the city, which is 1l more than in the summer. On the high way, usage goes down 1l. We got it for € 2300 a month ago, that’s why I haven’t been posting here. Having a car is really nice, except when you need to look for parking spaces…

One Response to “my first car”

  1. Andreas:

    Insurance and tax are cheap, but only compared to other cars in Germany. Don’t compare to the US :-) A guy in Oklahoma still drives for a fraction of the German price.

    And thank you for the WP ‘translate’ plugin!