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Clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Spinning LadyIf you see her spinning around clockwise, you’re a (more) creative person. Everyone else seeing her spinning counter-clockwise is more logic oriented. When I first looked at the picture, she was turning counter-clockwise and after a few seconds, she turned around and spinned clockwise. But after focusing on her shadow, she started spinning counter-clockwise again. Freaky… Is the image manipulated?

No, it isn’t. This is an optical illusion which doesn’t necessary say anything about how you think. But it points in a similiar direction. For your brain halfs to be well balanced, you should be able to see it turning in both directions. Still, this is an very interessting experiment to test yourself.

Still thinking there is something fishy about this image? Here’s the proof that the image is not manipulated:

Spinning Lady solved

As you can see, the image can be interpreted in both ways.

7 Responses to “Clockwise or counter-clockwise?”

  1. cybercake:

    I think I can switch the direction of the rotation with some eye-skill:)

  2. April:

    Thanks for explaining and making clear.

  3. filapper:

    Watt denn nu – clockwise oder durcheinander?…

    In welche Richtung dreht sich diese Figur denn nun? Im Uhrzeigersinn oder andersrum drumrum? In den Kommentaren zum Zeitfresser taucht schon die Vermutung einer technischen Täuschung auf. Stümmt nicht, die Datei ist ein gif mit 34 Frames, mac…

  4. i dont get it still:

    i dont get it

  5. Emma-Lou:

    I agree with cyber-cake its relatively easy to switch direction with eye skill.
    just picture the lady mooving in the over direction ad concentrate really really hard!!
    Emma-Lou X

  6. Simon:

    agree with Emma-Lou, but all you need is to picture the figure spinning in the direction you want it to for 5 seconds without the need to concentrate really hard. Works well for me. Also staring at the side of the pic you want it to spin towards works for me.

  7. Kevin:

    To me it looks like the outside (spinning) leg never goes in front of the straight leg …