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Toshiba Portégé R400 – Noble but disappointing

Toshiba Portégé R400 I’ve been using my R400 for a while now and I have to say it’s simply great! I won it in Toshiba’s “Love to Lead” Contest, so l didn’t pay the € 3499 it is worth. But if you look at its specs, the price seems to be adequate for a convertible Tablet PC: Intel Core Duo ULV, LED backlight, 1.8″ hard disk, 3G HSDPA connection and UWB Wireless docking station with DVI (not included in the price). But that’s not all: brand new Active Notification SideShow Display, Windows Vista Ultimate, Fingerprint Reader, a beautiful and robust design and much more. The perfect notebook? Where is the catch?

I’m not saying that I don’t like the R400, I love it, I work with it every day, carrying it around in a brand new Samsonite Pro-DLX Messenger Bag (€ 155) I bought only for my R400. But there are some things I am very disappointed of. First, when you look the first 3 things of the specs I mentioned, you would assume that the R400 is very power saving, like the parts suggest. A coworker of mine bought a LG C1, which lasts 6 hours without LED backlighting, whereas the R400 only lasts 3 hours! I can’t do anything productive in 3 hours! There is an extra battery to extend the mobile usage time to 6 hours totally, but that adds weight to it.

The next funny thing is the sound card: Realtek HD 7.1. Great, but the R400 only has a mono speaker? Oh wait, I can use it with the UWB Wireless docking station. But oh no! UWB is not permitted in Germany! There goes my dockings station, DVI, other interfaces than USB, my hope for desktop replacement…

But still, the R400 is great. I would buy it if I wouldn’t have won it. If you have questions about it, don’t mind writing me, I’ll gladly answer your email. This is the least thing I can to for Toshiba for giving me this beautiful notebook.

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