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Archive for October, 2007

Beautiful music – Katie Melua

Katie MeluaEvery time I entered the subway a few months ago, I saw a poster of Katie Melua. Who is she? What is she performing? I don’t know, never heard of her before and honestly, I don’t have much interest in finding out either. It stayed this way until a few days ago, I heard a song from Katie and I had to stop all my doings to listen to that song. It’s called “Dirty Dice” and it has something special to it. Maybe it’s Katie’s wonderful voice, or maybe my brain connects the melody to something special, but a song has never fascinated me that much. I usually listen to Hip Hop, so this is definitely something else for me. So if you are reading this and have some free time, listen to one of her songs from her current album: Pictures (scroll down on the Amazon page to listen to a sample).

Clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Spinning LadyIf you see her spinning around clockwise, you’re a (more) creative person. Everyone else seeing her spinning counter-clockwise is more logic oriented. When I first looked at the picture, she was turning counter-clockwise and after a few seconds, she turned around and spinned clockwise. But after focusing on her shadow, she started spinning counter-clockwise again. Freaky… Is the image manipulated?

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Toshiba Portégé R400 – Noble but disappointing

Toshiba Portégé R400 I’ve been using my R400 for a while now and I have to say it’s simply great! I won it in Toshiba’s “Love to Lead” Contest, so l didn’t pay the € 3499 it is worth. But if you look at its specs, the price seems to be adequate for a convertible Tablet PC: Intel Core Duo ULV, LED backlight, 1.8″ hard disk, 3G HSDPA connection and UWB Wireless docking station with DVI (not included in the price). But that’s not all: brand new Active Notification SideShow Display, Windows Vista Ultimate, Fingerprint Reader, a beautiful and robust design and much more. The perfect notebook? Where is the catch?

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slow upload, high download

I have a Windows 2003 SBS at home and because Windows doesn’t support VLANs natively, I use Vmware to run a virtual opensuse router. This works perfectly fine for all systems except for the host OS itself. On my host OS, my download speed was around 3.5 MB/s, which is just fine, but the upload was only around 20 kB/s, which is less than 1/50 of what should be possible. After 2 nights of searching, I finally found the culprit. I used Bridged networking for the connection between Host, Guest and all other PCs in the network, but Vmware seems to have a problem with this setting. Switching to host-only networking solved the problem for the host, but disabled the guest talking with other PCs. So I added a new virtual network adapter in Vmware, making one host-only and the other bridged. After removing the old gateway and setting the Hosts Gateway to the host-only IP of the guest, everything is now lightning fast.