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O2 Service or “things O2 only does to keep a customer”

I used to have the “Genion S Online” plan from O2 Germany, which costs € 10 / month. For € 5 more each month, I had a “Wap & Email Flatrate”, which allowed me to surf and email on my mobile device. With 100 free SMS each month, I was even satisfied with € 0.19 I have to pay for each minute on my phone. My contract started December 2003 for 24 month and has been extended once (which is done automatically). But lately the prices have been dropping like crazy. For around € 4 each month, calling could be as cheap as € 0.05 a minute!

Why should I stay with O2 if they are so expensive? I usually say that the Service is what you get when you buy something more expensive, but with the “Genion S Online” plan, there is nothing even close to good service. The hotline costs around € 0.60 every minute and Email support will take at least 5 days to answer. That’s why I wanted to change to “Genion S for Students” 6 month ago, which is pretty much the same just with a free hotline and the ability to go to an O2 Shop. Free extra service? No way! I wasn’t allowed to change until my current plan expires. I got angry and wrote O2 a letter canceling the automatic extension of my contract. Now they reacted extremely quickly. Just 2 days after I send out the letter, an O2 service agent called and tried to convince me to stay with O2. She offered me to make my contract €5 cheaper each month and promised me that I will be possible to change into any plan I wanted in just 3 more month because that’s 3 month before my contract ends . I agreed and waited for 3 month and send them the letter to change my plan to “Genion S-Card for Students”. It’s a new plan without monthly fees and only € 0.16 every minute and with the right to cancel my contract anytime. Well, 2 weeks after sending out the letter, I received a letter telling me that this is not possible to extend my contract with these conditions. WTF? I wrote them an email to complain about the situation where I only got a “Sorry, please try again” after 5 days and still no solution to my problem. Now I walked into an O2 Shop telling them to change the plan for me. Well… after their system suddenly crashed without any reason, they weren’t able to change anything. Somehow I expected something like this… Anyway, I received a SMS from O2 asking if I was satisfied with the service in the O2 Shop. How ironic… I answered and gave them a “6″, which is the worst possible score. One day later, I got a call from O2 asking why I graded the O2 Shop so badly. Well, I told the O2 lady the story and she changed my plan immediately. And now, I finally have the plan I wanted.

Lately, I called the free support hotline several times and I have to say that O2 service from that hotline is actually pretty good. But my image of O2′s bad service probably won’t recover that easily.

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