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VDSL without IPTV

A few days ago, I received a letter from T-Com confirming my order of T-Home Entertainment Comfort with VDSL 25. I never ordered it, especially not on September 10th, where I had been in China. Anyway, I didn’t want VDSL 25 when I already have VDSL 50 and I didn’t want IPTV either because I have Cable. That’s what I told the T-Home Hotline yesterday and now they offered me Entertain Basic with VDSL 50 + ISDN for € 63.95. I checked their website and saw that this combination isn’t even possible. It seems that this is only a special combination for customers who request it. Well, it’s perfect for me.

After some problems I had with VDSL at the beginning, it now is pretty stable. Even though the highest download speed I ever got was around 3 MB/s, uploading files with over 1 MB/s is just great! Browsing the net has become really comfortable.

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