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Archive for September, 2007

O2 Service or “things O2 only does to keep a customer”

I used to have the “Genion S Online” plan from O2 Germany, which costs € 10 / month. For € 5 more each month, I had a “Wap & Email Flatrate”, which allowed me to surf and email on my mobile device. With 100 free SMS each month, I was even satisfied with € 0.19 I have to pay for each minute on my phone. My contract started December 2003 for 24 month and has been extended once (which is done automatically). But lately the prices have been dropping like crazy. For around € 4 each month, calling could be as cheap as € 0.05 a minute!

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VDSL without IPTV

A few days ago, I received a letter from T-Com confirming my order of T-Home Entertainment Comfort with VDSL 25. I never ordered it, especially not on September 10th, where I had been in China. Anyway, I didn’t want VDSL 25 when I already have VDSL 50 and I didn’t want IPTV either because I have Cable. That’s what I told the T-Home Hotline yesterday and now they offered me Entertain Basic with VDSL 50 + ISDN for € 63.95. I checked their website and saw that this combination isn’t even possible. It seems that this is only a special combination for customers who request it. Well, it’s perfect for me.

After some problems I had with VDSL at the beginning, it now is pretty stable. Even though the highest download speed I ever got was around 3 MB/s, uploading files with over 1 MB/s is just great! Browsing the net has become really comfortable.