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Telekom Support

Telekom, T-Com, T-Home or whatever they are calling themselves now is my ISP for VDSL 50. So if you have read my previous entries, you already know that it is not working as expected. First, my download rate is less than 20 Mbit, which is okay if you have VDSL 25, but not if you are paying € 10 more every month to get 50 Mbit. I’d be satisfied with 35-45 Mbit, but that’s not the speed I’m getting.

But that’s not a real problem compared to the router, a “T-Com Speedport W700v”. It’s a weird problem and I have no clue why it is happening. So after you started the router, everything works just fine for a day. The next day, the configuration console is unreachable and you will only get time-outs when you try. On the third day, the whole router becomes unreachable. Ping works, but there is no web interface and it gives up its routing functionality. I even noticed how the connection got slower by time. Now that’s a problem I have never seen on any router. So I called the T-Com Support line.

After 8 Minutes of waiting time, a lady answered and after I explained my situation, she simply gave me a different number for T-Online support where I was supposed to call. So I did and after 12 Minutes in the waiting line, I reached the DSL support. I explained the problems again and the support worker forwarded me to their hardware support, where I waited another 6 Minutes until someone answered. This guy now wanted to tell me that the causes of the problems are the p2p clients I was supposed to be using. But I don’t use any! Actually, I didn’t even use the router much at all in the problem period. I was home late those days and only checked my mails and went to bed. After a 20 minutes discussion, he wanted to send me a new W700v. Now if you google around for W700v, you will see a lot of people having problems with this router and that is something I don’t want anymore. So I tried to convince him to give me a W701v or W900v which unlike the W700v are produced by AVM, who also make the popular Fritz!Box. But he refused heavily and wanted to send me a W900v and accused me of only wanting a W900v because I don’t like the W700v. That’s something a phone supporter shouldn’t do! I got angry a bit, raised my voice and told him to just type the Support Ticket in with my problem, which he then silently did. I didn’t want to talk with that guy anymore. Now, I called the T-Home ordering line for VDSL (free) and not the VDSL support line (€ 0.14/Minute) and wanted them to connect me to the support line. I don’t see any reason why I should pay even more money to get my connection working. By the way, I only needed to wait 1 minute until some guy answered. He tried to tell me that it is technically impossible for him to connect me to the support line. Oh really? I told him that I already spend tons of money for listing their stupid waiting loop melody and that I am really getting pissed and suddenly, he could connect me (I thought it was technically impossible?). After another 8 minutes, a support worker for T-Home VDSL answered the line. I told him that I wanted a W900v and referred to the existing Support Ticket. He told me that it’s possible for a little extra fee and transferred me to the Hardware ordering line. Waiting loop again… 7 minutes… finally, a lady answered the line. I explained the situation to her and she told me that she has no clue how that is supposed to work and that she’s going to ask for me. All I needed to do is to listen to the stupid waiting loop for 8 minutes again. After she returned, she told me that I needed to send back my router for a refund and that she will send me a new W900v right now. Wait, how much am I supposed to pay? Well, she couldn’t answer that question either, so she needed to ask again… 12 minutes of the waiting loop… I was reaching my limit… But then, she happily told me that they’ve just sent me a brand new W900v for free and I only needed to send my old broken W700v back to them after I got it.

Finally! After almost 2 hours on the phone, I archived what I wanted. That’s something I miss about my old ISP “QSC”. I have called the QSC support a few times. I only had to wait once in 5 times and then, it was only 30 seconds until a support worker answered. I was never transferred to anyone else and they never put me on hold because they all knew the answer to the problems. Too bad QSC does not offer VDSL…

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  1. Router Probleme:

    Ich habe gleiche Probleme wie du und musste feststellen das mein Router einfach die geschwindigkeiten nicht gebracht hat und es nicht am Provider gelegen hatte, unzählige Stunden leider umsonst aufgeregt, aber nun funktioniert alles super, juhu!