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Vista is a plane without wings

Vista LogoToday, I had a fun discussion with my friend Frank about Tablet PCs (convertibles, no slates) and Windows Vista. I have been watching the development of Microsoft programs and found them to be more and more tablet-friendly. The software released this year – Windows Vista and Office 2007 – support a lot of things specially designed for easy access with a tablet pen.

So when I talked with Frank today, I tried to convince him that he needs a tablet and that tablets will be the next generation of user interface. Of course he wanted to know what advantages a tablet will have, so I tried to explain it in a different way.

First, Windows XP is a car without wheels and Windows Vista is a plane without wheels and wings. So when you want to drive the car (XP), you will need to install the wheels, which is nothing else than the mouse. So now, you can drive around with your car (XP). This works for the plane (Vista) too, with wheels (mouse), you can drive around. But because a plane is much bigger (more features), it’s not as easy to control (slower) as the car (XP). So if you change your car to a plane without wings, you will get much more space but you will have some problems maneuvering it. So why would you want to change to a plane without wings? Well, it’s easy, you can connect the wings (Tablet) and off in the air you go. Instead of driving to somewhere, you can fly to the same place in a much shorter time now! That’s the advantage of a tablet.

Now don’t ask me how I get these crazy ideas, but they seem to work. Imagine XP with a tablet, which would be a car with wings… That can’t work, can it? Maybe that’s the reason noone was using tablets until now. Even though I current don’t own a tablet, I have my eyes on Toshiba’s R400 for my next notebook.

3 Responses to “Vista is a plane without wings”

  1. Junny:

    Cooler Vergleich. Finde ich lustig ^^”

  2. cozzie:

    wenn ich nicht um deine nationalität und dein damit spärliches trinverhalten wüßte würde ich ja mutmaßen dass da der ein andere schoppen bier/wein/wodka o.Ä im spiel war, aber ich bin doch trotzdem begeistert von dem vergleich, auch wenn man bei xp meiner meinung nach noch bisschen mehr nachrüsten sollte ;) und vista kommt mir erst auf die platte wenn der nachfolger draussen ist, ich mach doch kein openbeta für ms :D

  3. B. Turan:

    ja wirklich lustiges Vergleich, mit xp kann ich gut leben aber Vista neeee, werd vista überspringen und gucken ob microsoft was besseres rausbringt…