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Archive for May, 2007

Telekom Support

Telekom, T-Com, T-Home or whatever they are calling themselves now is my ISP for VDSL 50. So if you have read my previous entries, you already know that it is not working as expected. First, my download rate is less than 20 Mbit, which is okay if you have VDSL 25, but not if you are paying € 10 more every month to get 50 Mbit. I’d be satisfied with 35-45 Mbit, but that’s not the speed I’m getting.

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Vista is a plane without wings

Vista LogoToday, I had a fun discussion with my friend Frank about Tablet PCs (convertibles, no slates) and Windows Vista. I have been watching the development of Microsoft programs and found them to be more and more tablet-friendly. The software released this year – Windows Vista and Office 2007 – support a lot of things specially designed for easy access with a tablet pen.

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5 days in Italy

Ouch, my head…Just a week ago, my parents decided to go on a trip to Italy. They had some free time there and wanted to see the most famous sights there. We have been to Venice, but no other cities. So I had to organize an 5 day Italy trip only 2 days in advance. Well, after some heavy searching, I managed to book a flight from Berlin to Pisa and from Naples back to Berlin. Our trip is supposed to go from Pisa via Firenze, Rome and Pompeii to Naples.

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