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Stadler, biggest bike shop I’ve seen

As my girlfriend decided to go on a bike tour with her little sister next week, a new bike was needed. Also, her old bike, which is her little sister’s bike now, needed to be tuned street safe and easy to drive. So first, we went to “Real” a supermarket chain. They had some really cheap bikes from € 99 up to € 300. We found one for € 229 with seemed pretty nice and bought it. There was no service for installation, so I had to make the bike work. The bike was called “Travel 400″ and had a full chrome look with front suspension and a hard tail. We decided not to get one with Full suspension because we needed a robust carrier.

So after getting the bike home, I tuned the brakes, lights and the handle bar, I wanted to put the seat a little lower. Until now, the bike made a very good impression. It was very light and was equiped very well. But when I tried to lower the seat, I wasn’t able to. The seat was jammed and couldn’t even be removed by a technician at “Real” when we returned the bike. Very disappointed with this, we decided to go to a real bike store to buy a bike. So after a little googling, we found Stadler, a bike store (with over 10000 square meters) bigger than the “Real” supermarket and they only sell bikes!

Today, we went to Stadler and found her a really nice bike for € 220 + € 10 for tuning. For the same price, we now got a way better bike in metallic red. It doesn’t only look better, it was even better equipt. With Basta lights, Shimano shifters, Shimano rims, Shimano derailers, Selle Royal gel seat and Kalloy suspension seat post, the bike was just perfect. The only thing missing was a hub dynamo, but that’s something we can upgrade anytime later. I found myself the Ergon R1M, some high end bar ends. I have only seen them online before, but there, I could try them. They don’t feel better than my current Biogrip Race bar ends, but they don’t slip. I really like the Biogrip Race bar ends if they wouldn’t slip down all the time making them very uncomfortable. Because the cost too much at Stadler (€ 50), I bought them for € 35 on eBay (new, free shipping). Afterwards, I tuned all 3 bikes: mine, my girlfriend’s new bike and her sister’s. Now I am really tired and I just want to jump into my bed. Good Night!

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